Disgust on social media against Cafe Coffee Day as company accused of defending criminal conduct of female employee

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Delhi man, who was assaulted by Cafe Coffee Day’s female employee after he objected to the presence of dead cockroaches inside the coffee outlet’s refrigerator, has complained of bullying and harassment.

Activist Deepika Bhardwaj, who’s been in touch with the victim of physical assault by CCD’s female employee, wrote on Twitter, “Sections @CafeCoffeeDay has got slapped on @arpan_verma15 thru their female staff who slapped Arpan : IPC 354, 323, 506. (sic)”

Bhardwaj added that she couldn’t write ‘words the lady staff of Cafe Coffee Day has written in her complaint to invoke sexual harassment charges.”

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Arpan’s friend, Nikhil Anand, alleged that the lawyer representing the coffee outlet had told them that the only way they will drop the sexual harassment charges was that if the complainant dropped the case against the Cafe Coffee Day.

Anand tweeted, “CCD lawyer flipped the negotiations, asking us to drop the case against CCD, then only they will drop the FIR of sexual harassment.”

Bhardwaj wrote on her Facebook page that Arpan had chosen not to compromise.

She wrote, “Arpan and his friend Nikhil have decided not to compromise. They will go ahead with action against CCD and will also file case against the woman. Criminal justice system is everyone’s right. While some can shamely abuse, wonder why one shouldn’t deservingly use. Continue telling CCD they are wrong.”

This came a day after Cafe Coffee Day said that it would ascertain facts and take action after a video of a consumer being slapped by a lady staffer over the presence of cockroaches inside a refrigerator went online.

Earlier this month, a law student Arpan Verma was slapped by one of the female staff at an outlet in Jaipur apparently because he tried to film a video showing cockroaches inside a refrigerator.

In the video, that went viral on Twitter, the woman employee is seen walking towards Verma and suddenly slapping him.

She’s heard saying, “Why did you take my photo?”

However, the company only chose to issue a statement on 27 March even though the incident had taken place a fortnight ago. Faced with adverse publicity, the company was forced to issue a clarification promising to probe the matter.

Its tweet on Monday said, “We have escalated the recent issue at our Jaipur outlet, and are in talks with the consumer & the internal team to ascertain facts.”

Meanwhile, social media users have launched a campaign against Cafe Coffee Day slamming it for misusing the rape law to defend the criminal conduct of its female employee.

#BoycottCCD remained a top Twitter trend all throughout Wednesday with users condemning the abhorring act of the coffee outlet. A campaign is also underway to downgrade the CCD mobile application on Google App store even as activists are now frantically tagging lawmakers both in Rajasthan and the central government to take action against the company.



  1. Shame on you CCD for such a low strategy. This is height. First, you didn’t maintain standards, then your staff slapping a customer and on top of that instead of apologising you are filing a false case against the customer. Shame Shame CCD. I boycott CCD and request others to please don’t visit their stores.


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