Coffee outlet’s woman employee slaps customer in Jaipur, video goes viral


A video of a woman employee of Cafe Coffee Day in Jaipur slapping a customer after he pointed out several cockroaches in the shop’s fridge has gone viral now.
coffee woman employee slaps

In the video, posted by a Twitter user,  Nikhil Anand, the customer Arpan Verma is filming what he says are cockroaches inside the shop’s fridge.

Verma then points the camera towards a woman employee, who too has her mobile camera pointed in the direction of the customer. Verma accuses the woman employee of shouting at him after he raised objections on the poor hygiene of the coffee shop. This then prompts the coffee shop employee to walk up to Verma and slap him hard causing the video to end abruptly.

The woman asks, “Why did you take my photo?”

Cafe Caffee Day has said that it aware of the incident and had launched an investigation.

Anand’s tweet said, “A big slap to consumer and consumerism.”

Anand’s second tweet carried a detailed statement from Verma.


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