BJP mocks Rahul Gandhi using old speech, users post videos of Narendra Modi’s gaffes including ‘weed energy’


The BJP on Tuesday posted an old video of Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s speech, made inside the parliament, to make fun of the latter. The saffron’s tweet, posted from its official Twitter handle, said, “Rahul ji, we all want you to speak in Parliament… How can we let go off such fun!

This was presumably in response to Gandhi’s hard-hitting speech, made at Delhi Talkatora Stadium on Monday, when he challenged Modi to show courage to hear him for at least 15 minutes on Rafale expose and Nirav Modi among other scams during his government’s four-year term.

However, the BJP’s potshot at the Congress president did not go down well with the social media users, many of whom were quick to post videos of Modi’s gaffes both as Gujarat chief minister and after he became the prime minister. One user posted Modi’s speech made at this year’s World Economic Forum, where the prime minister had told the global audience that there were 600 crores voters in India, whose population is 125 crore.

Another user posted a video of Modi talk about ‘weed energy.’ Few others posted several speeches of Modi, who could not correctly name Mahatma Gandhi.

Speaking at the ‘Save The Constitution’ event, Gandhi had quoted Modi’s statements made in the past saying that the Valmiki (Dalits) community continued to clean toilets for attaining spirituality and not feeding their family.

“This is the thinking of our prime minister. This is what he had said not me,” Gandhi quipped prompting his supporters to chant Narendra Modi murdabad. The Congress president then quickly chided his supporters to stay away from chanting such slogans. He said that Dalits were angry with Modi because he had no place for Dalits and women in India.

Gandhi had dared Modi to allow him to speak on the Rafale deal for just 15 minutes inside the parliament. “Just give me 15 minutes to speak on how crores of rupees have been looted in the Rafale deal and Nirav Modi. Modi ji wouldn’t be able to stay there.,” he said.

The Rafale scam was first exposed by Janta Ka Reporter last year.