BJP IT Cell’s chief old tweet justifying Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination goes viral


BJP has often found itself in the spot of bother because of its perceived hypocrisy on preaching nationalism to anyone who dares criticises its government. Critics have often called this a clever ploy by the saffron party to deflect voters’ attention from its migovernance and failure to deliver poll promises.

But time and again, the party’s hypocrisy and double standard have come to haunt its leaders.

On the day Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid his tribute to India’s father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi on the latter’s birth anniversary, an old tweet by BJP IT cell chief justifying his assassination has gone viral.

This is what Modi had tweeted after paying tribute at Rajghat, “I bow to beloved Bapu on Gandhi Jayanti. His noble ideals motivate millions across the world.”

Moments later, an old tweet by the head of BJP IT Cell justifying murder went viral.

In his old tweets posted in 2015, Amit Malviya, has shared a link stating, “Why I killed Gandhi.. Nathuram Godse had his response to assassinate M K Gandhi. A fair society must hear him too.”

When pointed out by a user that nothing could justify an assassination, Malviy had said, “Actually, there have been instances where killings have been deemed to be acceptable.. Look up case laws.”

It’s a known fact that Gandhi’s murderer Godse had links to RSS. The BJP supporters have thrown their pretence out of window in their public eulogy for a terrorist, who killed India’s famous freedom hero. From avoiding any praise for Godse in public to now even justifying murder in Godse’s support, BJP has indeed travelled a long distance in its quest to stay in power. Whether Indians continue to fall victim to their gullibility and condone these shenanigans will only be known how they vote in the coming elections particularly in Gujarat, the birthplace of Gandhi.

Meanwhile social media users have begun shaming Malviya calling him no ‘fringe element’ as often cited by the BJP when caught on the wrong foot.

Here are some of the reactions;