BBC Hindi puts out ‘uncut video’ of interview after VK Singh denies calling Yogi Adityanath ‘traitor’


BBC Hindi on Thursday released the uncut video of its interview with Union Minister VK Singh after the latter denied calling Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Aidtyanath a ‘traitor’ for calling the Indian armed forces ‘Modi’s army.’

Singh, himself a former army chief, had told a BBC Hindi reporter that those referring to the Indian army as ‘Modi’s army’ were ‘not only wrong but also traitors.’ He had said, ” If anyone says that the Indian army is the personal army of Modi ji, then not only is he wrong but he is also a traitor. The Indian army belongs to India and it’s not owned by any political party. The Indian army is capable of remaining apolitical.”

However, soon after the video of Singh calling Adityanath a ‘traitor’ went viral, the union minister took to Twitter to slam the BBC and call the journalist, who interviewed him, a ‘presstitute.’ He wrote, “BBC Hindi has done exactly what I had used the word presstitute for. What I said (during my interview), I have it as record with me. It seems the reporter was sleeping or he deliberately indulged in cut and paste job to attribute a wrong statement to me. Well done Jugal, how much money did you get?”

BBC Hindi quickly responded to Singh’s attack and posted what it claimed was an uncut video of the interview. It wrote on Twitter, “After giving an interview to BBC Hindi, Gen VK Singh has tweeted calling BBC Hindi ‘presstitute’ and accused us of distorting facts. He’s also accused the reporter of accepting money. In this uncut video, you can see for yourself  what General Singh said in the interview.”

The Election Commission of India has issued a notice to Adityanath for his comments, calling the India army as ‘Modi ji ki sena (Modi’s army).’ Adityanath had made these controversial comments while addressing a rally in Ghaziabad, Gen VK Singh’s constituency, on 1 April.


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