Bajrang Dal goons thrash Muslim couple in Bulandshahr for ‘dirtying’ Hindu neighbourhood


A video of Bajrang Dal goons in Bulandshahr’s Khurja in Uttar Pradesh mercilessly thrashing a Muslim couple because they felt both were ‘dirtying’ Hindu neighbourhood has surfaced.

In the video, the Hindutva brigade goons are seen mercilessly thrashing the man and the woman. We’ve edited the part of the video, where the woman’s identity could be revealed.

Upon learning that the man in question was a Muslim, one armed youth lost his temper and unleashed brutal attack on the victim leaving him bleeding.

The attackers did not spare the woman either. The woman was thrashed with heavy stick as she pleaded for mercy.

The SHO at Khurja Police station confirmed to Janta Ka Reporter that at least three arrested goons belonged to Bajrang Dal.

The local police have arrested at least five people including the district convener of the Bajrang Dal.

The cops confirmed that they had booked 20 people including the local convener of the Bajrang Dal, Praveen Bhati, Tanu Solanki, Pushpendra Chaudhary, Nitin and Sonu.

You can watch the video below