Muzaffarnagar tense after Muslim youth thrashed by ‘Bajrang Dal’ members


Shocking videos of brutalities against a Muslim man in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar have emerged on social media platforms.

Videos posted by a website show a Muslim man, called Riyaz, mercilessly being thrashed allegedly by the members of Bajrang Dal.

Riyaz, who’s seen bleeding profusely is being paraded by the group of angry youths, who are repeatedly heard shouting ‘gau hatya kar raha tha. yehi anjam hoga gau hatya karne walon ka (he was slaughtering cow. This is how we will deal with those who slaughter cows.)

Riyaz says he belongs to Shamli in Muzaffarnagar and was only sitting at the place, where the cow was allegedly being slaughtered. (see video)

In the third video police constables are seen arresting the victim while taking no actions against the members of Bajrang Dal.

Local civil groups have blamed the ruling Samajwadi Party and the BJP of once again creating communal tension in Muzaffarnagar.

Rajiv Yadav of a group called ‘Rihayi Manch’ was quoted by the website as saying, “The way a Muslim youth was paraded throughout the city and beaten for two hours while members of Bajrang Dal continued to hurl abuses on the Muslim community at large, it shows that both the SP and the BJP are hell bent on creating communal tension in the area. Far from arresting these thugs, the police has now locked up the victim Riyaz.”

In 2013, Muzaffarnagar had seen one of the worst communal riots in recent memory, killing more than 50 people and injuring hundred others. The area has continuously witnessed sporadic incidents of communal flare ups since then.

Shamli polce, when contacted, told that a high level meeting was on adding that ‘jaise hi meeting khatam hoti hai ham ham aapko bata denge (as soon as the meeting gets over, we will let you know.)

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  1. It is not the India , which we want to see. If Bajrangdal members are not punished for this kind of behavior , situation is going to get worse further.

    • Wow, I’m impressed to see that there is not a whole lot of Hindu and Muslim fight in the comments which is a good sign. Even our Hindu brothers agree that it’s wrong to beat up a human on street instead of giving it to the police. This doesn’t have to do anything with Hindus or Muslims it just the politics brothers. Don’t fight we r all humans first.

    • Remember the last visit of US president Barack Obama in India and what he had said in the media after reaching his country.If the great Mahatma Gandhiji was Alive he would have died seeing the injustice done with Minorities.

  2. These is good, we have voted for criminals to become MPs, n PM. What can we expect from the volunteers if the criminal paarty in power.
    They mad law… But the jutice will be given by the goondas of the bajranj dal n RSS stupids. Why u make laws n court n police.

  3. Good one keep it up india … Treat the innocent people as terrorists and sing the sermons … Bravo …. This should be on international Media that how brave indian hindus manhandle a normal muslims and seek asylum after the wrath comes back …

    • junaid bhai………whom ur pointing out indireactly……let me know……its not about the ..a hindu manhangle a muslim…….actually a man can handle a man…..wat happnd this its very wrong i know it…..but u should not text this way…….

      • hum aah bhi karte hain to ho jaate hain badnam tum qatal bhi karte to charcha nhi hota … kameene baat buri lagi .. animal aur human me faraq pata hai … gay zyada ahmiyat rakhti hai ya Insan … tum gay ka moot piyo aur doodh pathtahr ko pilawo .. educated illiterate

    • Junaid, I think you shouldn’t generalise whole communities for the act of certain extremists, extremists exist in all communities, in fact the comments you just made points to an extremist state of mind.

    • respect each other that is law. As we respect ur quran u give due respect to cow as mother then there will be no promblem..

      • Dont make up ridiculous stuff as cow being your mother. Even your scriptures (Your Vedas, say no such thing) Only your sadhus and pandits poison your hearts by making up nonsense in your religion so you keep giving them money/gold etc. Please read your vedas (that’s the true original form of hinduism), the way it was meant to be not, not the way people of every generation have changed it

        • You are right Mr.Same…. Vedas do not ask us to worship the cow. In fact cows were also sacrificed in old-times Hindu rituals.

      • Sorry sir , to impress non Muslims we can’t give up our religion , Cow meat is halal to all Muslims and this will happen

      • Don’t compare our holy book with your cows and Buffaloes…
        We respect your geeta…
        But it’s allowed to eat cows in our religion and we will continue doing it…stop eat fish and chicken then we will talk about cows

  4. Its time indians should report this international Criminal Council to probe the growing saffron terrorism because BJP government gave total freedom to these extremists!

  5. If cow is your mother bloody go and protect in US & Europe specially pakistn , Bangladesh..Bloody ass Holes thrashing innocent is not a bravory …Save our country from these kind of communal riots.plz plz

  6. Please remove the videos from the report. If you guys did not realise, you guys are spreading the video which is responsible for stoking tension between two communities.

  7. I am a hindu, but an INDIAN . the person who is beating the man(inocent or criminal dosent matter) should be first punished, as he is breaking the laws. Chutiya he sala, because of people like him terorism is borned and then inocent people have to pay for that. Really speaknig if thisis what bajrang dal Do, They are not HINDU , they are pure chuitiya pure”CHUTIYA” . Kasam se i am a hindu , pr wo sala jo maar ra tha BC MC GC sale ki aisi marni chiye sab ko mil ke bt thisi s india wher eevry criminal is saved because of politics :/ one again “CHUTYA” was that man who was beating another person.

  8. India………..a country which does not need ppl from outside to divide n kill us……….we’ll divide n kill each other ourself….

  9. Well, what do you expect from those people who elect a criminal, conspirator, killer of innocent lives, as a PM of India. Right now they are very much encouraged by doing these type of things, beating a innocent man. PM will give them award and top position in his party.

  10. Well i am very sad to see him but one thing i want to tell that if muslims will be treated like this then we will see that the futute of our country wil be in danger. There is a lot of islamic extremist groups in the world waiting to enter every country where muslim are present.

  11. So as per them police is not authorised..
    And fellow shouting to take Law in Hands..
    Great Rule and Rulers…

    Do not fight for no cause,
    U have to answer your CREATOR…

    And Talking about Cow Slaughter,
    How can a Animal be GoD…??

    Anyways Life is short,do not ruin anyone’s

    • Do you eat pork Khalid? Maybe I should send you some pork chops or pork ribs for you and your family. God or not these are the rules of the country. Cow slaughter is banned; if you dont like the rules you are welcome to leave the country.

      • Is it banned in U.P. ? Even if that guy Riyaz was violating law, these goondas had no business beating him up or abusing him.

  12. The guy in the blue checked shirt with the belt is really funny.

    Thrashing another man with his hands tied.

    Good one bro, next time try it with some small kids.

  13. Aur karo Modi ki jai.. ek din sab ki haalat yeh hone wali.. Wah desh kya taraki kar raha hai.. sharam aani chaheye inn bhajrang dal wala gondo ko..

  14. Keyo log aisa karte hai humanity ko kharab karne ki koshis tum kahte ho cow is your mom ok I agry with you but you protect only our house if mom go out side youcan not protect keyo Aplog kamzor ko marte rahte hai itna hi power use karna hai to beef supply badi badi company ko band kar

  15. the guy who is being slaughtered deserves it,i agree its nt humanity bt when whole india knows (cow) is mother of hindus then why to do it. Its human only to do wrong things and then human talks abt humanity. bullshit

    • I have a doubt, which is this cow that is Mother of all Hindus. Or, are all cows mother of Hindus or are Hindus mother all cows..its quite confusing.

      • Good question Yes bro if cow is mother and god for Hindus y do they make the cow to carry the goods and y do they cane them when they don’t move is god sen less that it cannot move is god sensless to pee in the roadside or people who believe that cow is god are sensless nothing against the religion but please people get know ur religions first and keep every thing aside and just think that u do not belong to any religion and think Wat ur religion is doing is correct or not and then decide whether or not u want to stick on to the religion or change the religion that u think is right I’m sure that we do not want to b fooled by the people or by the books that doesn’t make any sense and gives us the worst way of worship and unethical practices.

    • Well i don’t think there is a law in India where killing a cow is a crime, and even if there is a law, who is that fucking bajrang dal leader to give punishment, by the way do not post comment as an “INDIAN” unless you are unbiased. I think you might be another asshole from bajrang dal

    • Can you please show me a single reference from Vedas or Upanishads (the most sacred scripture of Hinduism) stating that cow is the mother. I am curious to know bro.

      • Bro…its not a reference. But we do believe cow as a mother not only for Hindu for all human. I just explain a little that we keep cow for Milk which use to drink as from our mother. I don’ think so we ever keep any other animal for Milk. and we use cow to carry out maximum of our household works and farming also.So this is it.
        But in case of Slaughtering cow if it is banned in our country, then why only cows, there should be a law for slaughtering goats, chickens like innocent animals also there should be a law for selling wines, but instead of that government provide license to them…!!!

        Bro we all living in a country like India as brothers, but what I feel is that its a total political show off and these bastards are creating communal violence only.

  16. Be strong my muslim brothers,for allah is with you ..
    On the day of ressurrection surely they will be questioned in the court of allah about they barberic behaviour

    Allah make it easy for all the muslims that are going through hardship in this world

  17. Kamino ki kami nahi hai, Bajrangdal ko sirf is video ke bina per hi ban kar dena chahiye, in kutto ko kisane hindu dharm ki raksha ka thekaa diya hai?

  18. cow is God don’t slaughter it (biased)
    Stone is God too , soo stop walking
    Tree is God too ,, stop using furniture
    Sun is God ,, then why pray for rains and wait for other seasons
    Human drinks gau mutr and precious milk goes to stones
    Ganesh bhagwan used Rat as rath then why u use mause trap and rat kills
    Monkey is God too Hanuman army what steps u r taking to save them
    Snake is God too ,? If the same God enters your hause you will kill ur god
    Lotus is the rath for saraswati ,, then why you eat Lotus stem
    Water is God too like ganga maa ,, and the. U goo and clean ur shit with ganga maa
    All ur Gods are equiped with weapons ,, most of them has dead bodies around them slaughtered head in their hands (brutality)
    U shouldnt be using paint coz it is used for paitning your so called God

    Today youths are not taking care of their human mother properly at home but shows loads of concern whn it comes to Gau mata

    The belt he is using to thrash the guy please investigate what leather is been used
    The shors and sleeper which he was wearing ask him which animal leather was used

    Leave it yaar illiteracy speakes lauder than LOGIC

    Thats our dear india
    Jai hind

  19. If really it happened in India.then it prove that INDIA is a Hindu country. Not for all democracy.really its a sad for the minority

  20. It’s actually very difficult in this active life to listen news on TV,
    so I just use the web for that reason, and get the
    most recent news.

  21. Modi se Kaho khatti khaana band kare aur cow ko save Kare..kyu modi ki government aane k bad beef k export bad Raha hai, are ullu janta baat ko samjho tum ko lada k raajneeti chamkaate hai yei log aur Aam jnta ko ullu Bna k ladwaate hai cow maata k liye aur khud usi ko bech rahe hai….

  22. To all minorities, atheists, and agnostics: Forgive me for saying the obvious, but such a cowardly demonstration by Bajrangdal and other fascists bastards do not portray YOUR land, my land – land we know as India. These idiots aren’t Hindus; these are filthy hooligans. You need to organize and fight them back. Challenge your local police outposts and ensure that they do not recede into inactivity or hibernation when convenient. Best of luck.

  23. It’s horrible to treat a fellow human being by group of gangster under Religious Flag. Some more just pick any one & hurting for no reason for 2 hours around the place which could create a riot easily, thank God Muslims keep patience and God is there to give judgement as in ours & their. As we all believe in afterlife & Hell.
    on the positive note: Can see our fellow Indian ppl commenting against this ruthless act. I believe on these logical Indians than the Current govt which is in silent mode on these assaults together with police.
    Please lookup at the developed country like US; Aus or our Asian Singapore… where racial Harmony is encouraged and which leads to development as a happy citizens. DIVIDE WE FALL- NO DOUBT.
    May God heal his wounds. SALAAM

  24. Arey bhaiyon. Ab to afeem ki pinak se niklo. Muzaffarnagar koi kendra shasit ilaka hai kya. Modi ko gali bakte raho par UP men jiski sarkar banaate ho uske khilaf itna zulm hone ke bad bhi kuch nahi kahtey. Yahi samasya ki jad hai.

  25. Terrorist should be dealt like this. These peaceful people r creating havoc all over the world – they should get treatment in their own medicine.

  26. I did research myself on my religion. And i am really tensed with the facts i learned from my religion.. Now I am Athiest !!

    The guy in above comment is correct that …

    cow is God don’t slaughter it (biased)
    Stone is God too , soo stop walking
    Tree is God too ,, stop using furniture
    Sun is God ,, then why pray for rains and wait for other seasons
    Human drinks gau mutr and precious milk goes to stones
    Ganesh bhagwan used Rat as rath then why u use mause trap and rat kills
    Monkey is God too Hanuman army what steps u r taking to save them
    Snake is God too ,? If the same God enters your hause you will kill ur god
    Lotus is the rath for saraswati ,, then why you eat Lotus stem
    Water is God too like ganga maa ,, and the. U goo and clean ur shit with ganga maa
    All ur Gods are equiped with weapons ,, most of them has dead bodies around them slaughtered head in their hands (brutality)
    U shouldnt be using paint coz it is used for paitning your so called God

    Today youths are not taking care of their human mother properly at home but shows loads of concern whn it comes to Gau mata

    The belt he is using to thrash the guy please investigate what leather is been used
    The shors and sleeper which he was wearing ask him which animal leather was used

    Leave it yaar illiteracy speakes lauder than LOGIC

    Thats our india
    Jai hind !!

    We kill rats becoz there is no concern of rats with Muslims ,

    We kill snakes becoz it has no concern with Muslims ..

    There are many things to write here .
    But those who already decided something in their heart to be RIGHT ,
    WE can’t change that illiteracy ,until and unless that person literate himself !!

    Do not hate each other !!
    Share your love and care for each other .
    Average 50 years of life should not have hate in your hears ..
    Take care every one !!

      • Very good rahul. Every Indian Hindu should research on their religion and know what the actual truth is than blindly following people around them.
        Good one. Keep researching about all religions. Hope you reach the right place by gods grace.
        And the scriptures of our religions sate that we can consume from these animals as food.
        Rahul might have researched that.
        Rahul if you find in the Hindu scriptures that Hindus can consume cow then this whole issue concerning the cow which is creating lots of riots will come to an end.

  27. Indian politics and Religious group are breaking India by doing such unhuman activity. Beating one man by so many show sick mentality. And even Hindu people don’t know the ecological aspect of cow, even so called Bajrang dal or the person in this video who’s beating poor person never ever in life feed cow or kept any cow in his house, but here he is doing such unhuman activity to get fame or come under lame light of political group. Even i see when Hindu group cutting cows for there political up-liftment. Same on us.


    • haha..joke of the century.. muslims didn’t use swords while in power in india 😀 they were the most brutal and filthy people who by hook or crook tried converting the entire hindus but since the no. of hindus were more so they could not convert them whole…just go and read what mughals did to sikhs and hindus….u bloody illiterate and deliberate fake propagandist just get lost…

  29. ….So this is good?? ehh?? fuck you all who kills in the name of religion and shit,if god made us then just respect the almighty and not these books who claimed whatever shit they online and you can find out many dumbasses Proving that either islam is fake,hinduism is fake or christianity is fake or what not..if u want to follow then just follow your soul ..believe in the almighty and not in the books who was written by whoever they claim to be..chill the fuck out,we all are humans..every one is unique..fuck you religion and all who believes whatever you want…cow,pig etc

    • You don’t teach what to believe. And stop talking rubbish. You believe what you believe and let the people believe what they believe and for your kind information books like quran, bible or vedic scripture are not human written. if you believe its human written i challenge you, can you or any human in the earth can write at least one chapter like in the scriptures. you cannot.

  30. Sick Retards. Hypocrites of 1st order. These people go eat Chicken, Pork and Lamb and get offended when someone eats beef.

  31. Wah re Bjp sarkaar…achi gundagardi ki choot de rakhi hai modi criminal ne..hamesha muslmaanu me upar zulm karte jawo

    • he also singed a contract in china to provide filthy n fake propagandist to china for human experiments on them to study what make them so fake and extreme assholes.

  32. Everybody is trying create a situation which doesn’t belong to any civilized society .. i would rather say if there is a crime then police has to deal with this however people like Riyaz should also not hurt the feelings of the Hindu sentiments …. Its a Matter of sentiments so everybody is reacting aggressively … If you keep it Political then our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has nothing to do with this as a PM he can only take action against the people who committed this crime or against the people who didn’t follow the Law.. My Indian Brothers & Sisters i would say that please
    don’t try to harm the Communal Harmony of our country .
    your Indian Brother
    Chirag uddin Haider

  33. Every human in the country have equal rights. It may be Hindu or Muslims have same rights in the country. They have to follow same law but not same religion. As its secular country people will be following their own religion, if Muslims don’t eat port it don’t mean you can ban pork or stop people eating. Same as Hindu don’t eat beef, it doesn’t mean that muslims, some part of hindus or christian stop eating beef. Its a known fact that its not only muslims eat beef. If you go to many part of the country you can see almost all religion eat beef , some eat at home some eat outside.

    In vedas or upanishath you cannot find any places cow should be treated as god. Its god creature not god. the ancient Vedic scriptures encouraged vegetarianism. One scripture says, “There is no sin in eating meat… but abstention brings great rewards.” (The Laws of Man, V/56)

    I don’t see any difference between bajrang dal and ISIS. I am scared this kind of incidents will bring tensions on all part of the country. If people don’t love each live in peace then our country is in danger. We are just dividing people and destroying the development of India and each individual.

    Finally, Every human in the word have freedom to eat, freedom to speech, Freedom to dress and freedom to worship.

    Thariq – Indian

  34. mullo ko har jaga aisa karna parega tab sale logo ka akal thike par ayega…by the way JKR bihar mei 80 hindu family ko muslim mey convert hone ki dabad di ja raha hay uska koi news kiu nehi hay?

    • bajrangadala the indian terrorist aur uskhe supports ko kuttei maout marna chahiye lekin mai law ko hat me lee nahi sakhta , i proud of i am india but bajarangi u r finshed

    • ek baath yaha pe my bolna chahru…. jo admi peetraha hai agar woh ek baap aur pakka hindu hai tho hyderabad aker apni mardani bata yaa fir tera mobile number de mereku my tere ghar per aker teri aur tere poori khandaan ki maa chodunga.. poore gandu log hai bajrangdal aur vhp ke ek kamzor insaan ko ithne log milke marre…. kutte ki nasal hai tumlog ki….

  35. They are killing humans to save cow???
    Our predictions are getting true as Indians are harming Muslims everywhere .
    And the time will come Muslims will have WAR with India Called as (Gazwai Hind)

  36. we are indians ……. joh log is bharat mata ki izzat nahi karte une nahi rehena chaiye… shame of bajarandali

  37. If you really don’t like to kill animals for foods then stop consuming products which made from the animal body parts. then you will be a 100% vegetarian.

  38. Freedom of religion in India is a fundamental right guaranteed by Article 15 and Article 25 of the Constitution of India. Modern India came into existence in 1947 as a secular nation and the Indian constitution’s preamble states that India is a secular state.

    Every citizen of India has a right to practice and promote their religion peacefully.

    However, there have been a number of incidents of religious intolerance that resulted in riots and violence. These incidents have been condemned by the governmental administrations, private businesses, and judicial systems.

    The Indian Constitution in Article 25 grants to citizens of India of all religious persuasions freedom to profess, practise and propagate their faith in a way that does not disrupt public order and does not affect public health and morality adversely.
    The Article 25 of the Indian Constitution is a basic human rights guarantee that cannot be subverted or misinterpreted in any manner.

  39. Dono what others are doing but if peoples are so curious about Cow, why people won’t punish to the rapist as of now the rapist are increasing day by day.

  40. Animals have the same rights what we human beings have on this earth. Food is depend on the geographical area. In olden days in Arab and Afghanistan only animals are the source for food. Muslims people get more offensive. The problem is most of the Muslims want to stay with in the community and they never think out of the box. Most of them never trust other religion people and always think others are terrorist. Humans are more powerful so they are killing animal and eating. Wait for the day when animals enjoy human meats and that time everyone will realize how they feel. Every religion should learn to respect the Nation and sentiments of majority of the people in any nation. If I am going to Arab or any Muslim country can I talk about my interest, No I can’t because I am staying in Muslim country. Where Hindu’s are in majority and all other minor religion respect and adhere to the Hindu religion what’s the problem with Muslim community. Not only in India and everywhere this is the problem I don’t know why even educated people also behave like this. Everyone respect and love his/her own religion but doesn’t mean hurt others sentiments and create big issues out of small. Some elements are there in all community which don’t want peace and they have fear that others will dominate. Don’t care about it.

  41. why arent da ppl not responding to it?? :/ (in da video) y didnt da police not arrest de 2 persons hu brutally beat da guy???

  42. Does Hinduism encourage these Hindu goons to beat a man like this? May be those goons should kill all the carnivorous animals too for those animals have to kill other animals for food. Human-beings can eat both non-veg and veg as the digestive system and tooth are made to fit both kinds of food. Don’t be silly.

  43. Kuttar Bachha Bajrang Dalals! If u have braveness come to Karimganj of Assam and see or repeat the same, we shall react thousands time batter than u. Himmat to dekha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. In India modi govt, and RSS, is totally acting on Hindus they are not bothered about Muslims. In Muslim countrys if they kill all the Hindu where They go, bhagrang dal having no brain at all what they will get if they kill Muslims. If it happens like this there 80 Muslims country where Hindu has only 2 Muslims can easily crush and grind Hindus in grinder.

    • i think you are only supporting their point…cos this is the only country where hindu are a majority, so they would want their land. Muslims have 80 other countries they can enjoy.
      And this is a shameful act, but thinking like yours is what they also possess

  45. This shows Akhilesh Sarkar impotence or rather complicity with fanatic fringle elements of BJP. The SP govt is equally communal in its agenda and severely Anti- Dalit. The SP govt is a BJP incarnate, Fox in a sheeps clothing, people beware. SP sarkar is lead by top casteist order , what ever their credentials. Babri Masjid, Muzaffarnagar riots , Akhlaqs lyncing, dalit sisters hanging all during SP rule. Sp govt is worst than BJP and Congi’s


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