An open letter to Prime Minister Modi from a current army soldier


Dear Prime Minister,

I am pained to see the embarrassment being inflicted on your government due to promises made without thinking.

I would like to suggest an out of box idea to you. As it is your own Defence Minister feels the army has lost its relevance due to no war in last four decades. Thus, is there a need for an army at all? So, in order to guard the borders, you can simply increase the numbers in paramilitary forces and disband the army.

They are just a waste of money, I tell you. There are so many positives in doing away with the army.

Please look at the positives:-
1. The entire defence budget will be there for populist schemes and subsidies.
2. There will be no scams in defence procurements (because you know it as well as we do the scams in defence procurement is rampant.)
3. PMF retire at 60 years, so you don’t need to worry about facing demands on One Rank One Pension from them.
4. You already have a chief of army staff who will bend over backwards to oblige any suggestion so there will be instant acceptance from the army.
5. The land bank of army will become free to be sold to Adani, Ambani and other corporate houses, who can drive your pet scheme ‘Make in India.’
6. Not to forget that you would also become the first leader in the world to take such a step. Therefore, a Nobel Prize for peace and host of other prizes wouldn’t be too far away.

Please don’t worry about the logistics involved in achieving this ground-breaking objective. Just give the forces 2 years to resettle their personnel. These people can go on study leave and look for alternative employment by 2018.

By when it would be nearing elections, thereby giving you lakhs of crores for your schemes. You can use the spare money to fund your 5-star campaigns in 2019 LS elections. Army is anyway not a vote bank, so their vote loss will not matter.

The question may arise as to what you will do with the army equipment. Well most of what we use is obsolete, have run sell by date and is unfit for any real use thus the scrap value will add to your kitty.

Imagine no army, no veterans, no OROP and most importantly we will no longer be threats to your independence day celebrations

Who can stop you from becoming a legendary figure in history?

Please do consider my proposals.

Your well wisher

A soldier.

NOTE: Views expressed are the author’s own. Janta Ka Reporter does not endorse any of the views, facts, incidents mentioned in this piece.