Amit Shah falls off stage during election rally in Madhya Pradesh


BJP President Amit Shah fell off the stage during an election rally in Madhya Pradesh on Saturday. The video of Shah falling off the stage has now gone viral on social media platforms.

The incident reportedly took place in Ashok Nagar in Madhya Pradesh.

Shah is believed to be doing fine and has not sustained any injuries. However, the video has evoked plenty of reactions from his detractors on social media, where they’ve been poking fun at his fitness.

One user wrote, “Look at him … How unfit he is He is just couple of yrs (5yrs) older than Rahu GANDHI … No Comparison in fitness level.” Another user wrote, “It’s the beginning of the fall of Bjp! First falling off the helicopter and now falling off the stage! The signs are obvious, The fall of Bjp and the rise of Opposition in the 2019 General elections!”

However, there were many who appeared genuinely concerned about the well being of the BJP President.

Madhya Pradesh goes to polls on 28 November, while the results will be declared on 11 December. The BJP has been in government here for 15 years with Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan seeking his fourth term in office.