After insulting Sonia Gandhi for her widowhood, Modi stoops to new low as he mocks late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday stooped to a new low when he attacked Congress President Rahul Gandhi by mocking his deceased father, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Addressing an election rally in Uttar Pradesh’s Pratapgarh, Modi told Rahul Gandhi that he mustn’t forget that his own father’s life had ended as the corrupt number 1.

Narendra Modi

Modi said, “Your courtiers had given your father the title of Mr Clean. They used to shout Mr Clean, Mt Clean with pomp and splendour. But, his life ended as ‘Bhrastachari number 1′ (corrupt number 1).”

Modi also alleged that Rahul Gandhi was out to tarnish his reputation by constantly attacking him over alleged corruption in the Rafale deal. Modi claimed that Gandhi himself had admitted in an interview that his only aim was to tarnish the image of the prime minister. He warned Gandhi that by routinely hurling abuses, he could not turn ‘the 50-long year of Modi’s tapasya(struggle) into dust.’

Modi’s comments spread like wildfire with the prime minister being condemned for causing disrepute to his office.

Earlier Modi had faced condemnation for mocking Sonia Gandhi’s widowhood. Addressing an election rally in Rajasthan on 4 December last year, a day before the last day of campaigning for the assembly elections, Modi had attacked the Congress for allegedly being the harbinger of corruption in India since it governed the country for the longest period of time. It was during his speech when he said, “Can you imagine? The Congress ran a government in our country, where an unborn daughter was not just shown born but also dead and her widow’s pension was also shown to be paid. Which widow used to receive this money? Who was this widow in the Congress whose account this money used to be transferred?”