AAP MLAs Alka Lamba and Saurabh Bharadwaj in bitter Twitter war, Chandni Chowk MLAs asks supporters to gather near Jama Masjid today


Two AAP MLAs, Alka Lamba and Saurabh Bharadwaj, have been engaged in a bitter Twitter war over talks of alliance with the Congress for this year’s Lok Sabha polls in Delhi. The war of words between the two lawmakers erupted after Bharadwaj responded to a social media post of Lamba, who had commented on the Congress manifesto, released on Tuesday.

Alka Lamba

While reacting to the promises made in the manifesto, the Chandni Chowk MLA wrote, “Every party has its own manifesto. The Congress has pledged to accord full statehood to Puducherry in its manifesto, but there’s no such promise for Delhi in the manifesto. It’s clear that the demand for the full statehood for Delhi is not an issue for the Congress. Whereas, the AAP is making this its big election issue. How will the alliance (between the two parties) happen?”

Even though, Lamba had not tagged Bharadwaj in her tweet, the MLA from Greater Kailash responded to her post and sarcastically asked, “What do you want? Full statehood or…” Bharadwaj had left the sentence incomplete but social media users had little doubt that he intended to ask if Lamba wanted to join the Congress.

Pat came Lamba’s response, “What I want doesn’t really matter. Anyway, the time for asking this question is over. Now, people of Delhi will decide.”

She went on to add that she will inform her constituents about her performance as their MLA in 2020, when Delhi goes to assembly polls. When Bharadwaj asked her what her constituents wished from their leader, Lamba said that they wanted better education system, healthcare, water supply, electricity and pollution free environment. “They also want their leaders to be with them in good and bad times. They don’t want their leaders to make promises that they can’t deliver. Our people have already faced too much betrayal (from their leaders) and don’t want to be deceived again,” she added.

This prompted Bharadwaj to post an old video of Lamba’s speech, made in the Delhi assembly. While posting the video, Bharadwaj wrote sarcastically, “Leader Alka Lamba is demanding for full statehood for her aggrieved constituents. This was before the Congress’ manifesto had come.”

Lamba replied, “What I said (in the video) was based on the strength that I drew from the AAP. Today, the same strength is bowing before someone’s (Congress’) feet in just six years. I wish they (AAP leadership) had sought people’s opinion (before showing desperation to align with the Congress). It’s because of these very people that you are here.”

Bharadwaj asked her when she was planning to conduct her own mohalla sabha to ask her constituents on whether she should join the Congress. He ended the tweet by promising to be at Lamba’s mohalla sabha if she informed him about its time and date.

In her subsequent tweet, Lamba asked her supporters to gather outside the Jama Masjid at 3 pm on 3 April. She also told them that Bharadwaj too will be there and they were free to seek confirmation from the Greater Kailash MLA directly.

In February this year, Bharadwaj had accused Lamba of looking for excuses to leave the AAP to join the Congress.

Update: Lamba later addressed a group of supporters outside Jama Masjid and asked them if she should resign as an MLA. Her supporters responded in negative.