Youth Congress attacks Smriti Irani, ‘exposes’ how daughter’s ‘bar’ sign was covered with black tape after controversy over illegal licence


Indian Youth Congress workers on Sunday staged protests outside the bar owned by the daughter of Union Minister Smriti Irani in Goa. Youth Congress workers revealed how the ‘bar’ sign was covered with black tape after the controversy over the illegal licence erupted over the weekend.

Sharing the video of the protest outside the controversial bar, the Indian Youth Congress tweeted, “@IYCGoa President @varadmardolkar Ji exposed Smriti Irani’s lies. A black tape was used to hide the word ‘Bar’ at her daughter’s restaurant. Watch what did Youth Congress find when members reach outside the ‘Silly Souls Cafe & Bar’ of Smriti Irani’s daughter.”

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In the video, Youth Congress Goa President, Varad Mardolkar, could be seen removing the black tape, which was used to cover the ‘bar’ sign. Mardolkar said, “I need to tell you how they’ve attempted to hide the word ‘bar’ on the signboard. She (Smriti Irani) is saying that her daughter is not running a bar. Truth will not be hidden by taping the word ‘bar.’ She is answerable to the people of India.”

Smriti Irani had reacted angrily to the reports that her daughter, Zoish Irani, obtained the licence of her international bar in Goa illegally in the name of someone, who was no longer alive.

Reacting to a press conference by Congress leaders, Irani too had held a press conference to deny charges of any wrongdoing saying that her daughter did not own the international bar in Goa. However, several Congress leaders have been quick to refer to an old interview of Zoish Irani, given to food critic Kunal Vijayakar.

Meanwhile, Irani has threatened to take legal action against the Congress leader for assassinating her daughter’s character.