” You are not a journalist..you’re communal”: Farooq Abdullah lashes out at Times Now representative, refuses to engage with Navika Kumar’s colleague


A video of National Conference leader and former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah giving a public dressing down to Navika Kumar’s colleague working for Times Now has gone viral. In the video, Abdullah is seen calling the Times Now representative a hardcore communal.

फारूक अब्दुल्ला

The representative in question was Pradeep Dutta, who works for the channel in its Jammu and Kashmir office. Dutta was apparently asking Abdullah’s views on holding with Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue.

The Times Now representative asked, “Yesterday also, police personnel were killed in the Kashmir valley.” To which, Abdullah replied angrily, “What? Why are you asking me this? What do you want me to say?”

Abdullah added, “Do you think we are happy that they are killing people? It’s a sad story. Tell the government, which is saying that it’s a hunky-dory.” Abdullah also said that the Indian government had no option but to speak with Pakistan. “Why should we not talk with Pakistan when are talking with China,” he said.

He pointed out how India was prepared to hold talks with China even when the latter had occupied a large swathe of the Indian territory with Narendra Modi as India’s prime minister.

But, soon the veteran Kashmiri politician decided to give the Times Now representative a public dressing dow as he questioned his journalistic integrity.

He said, “Sardar sahab, you have defamed me even in the past. I am sorry. I saw your reporting. I had even warned you that I would never speak to you. Please mend your way.”

When the Times Now representative tried to ask another question, Abdullah lost his cool as he yelled, “No, you are not a journalist. Your attitude is communal. Every time your attitude is communal.”

The Times Now representative asked, “I’m asking…” Without letting him complete his question, Abdullah roared, “No, you are communal. I’m telling you on your face.”