Who Is Collin Reeves, Man Guilty Of Killing Two Neighbours? Why Did He Kill Jennifer and Stephen Chapple? Wife


Colin Reeves, a former British soldier, has been found guilty of murdering his next-door neighbours, identified as Jennifer and Stephen Chapple, over a parking dispute in November last year. Reeves will learn on Tuesday about his sentencing. In a setback to the former soldier, at least two forensic psychiatrists concluded that he was not suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or psychosis. This meant that he may not be sentenced with leniency as he had wished. The jury took five hours to deliberate to decide his fate.
Colin Reeves

The victims’ children slept upstairs when they were being brutally murdered by the 35-year-old ex-soldier.

Reacting to Reeves’ conviction, the victims’ family said in a statement, “No verdict will bring back our beautiful Jennifer and Stephen.

“If anything, these past 10 days have prolonged us finding out how Jennifer and Stephen spent their final moments.

“The support of our friends and family has been what has got us through the past seven months.

“We now ask that we are left to process this in our own way, to be able to grieve properly and move forward as best we can.”

Who Is Collin Reeves?

Reeves is a former Royal Engineer, who also served in Afghanistan during his time with the British armed forces. He used the same ceremonial dagger to kill his innocent victims that was presented to him when he left the Army in December 2017.

Why Did He Kill His Neighbours?

Reeves had a long dispute over a parking spot with his neighbours. The first time the victims had a parking row with Reeves was around six months before their murder when Jennifer Chapple learnt to drive and bought a second car.

Moments before killing his victims, Reeves gained access to their house through the back door. Prosecutors told the Bristol Crown Court that Reeves stabbed Jennifer six times in the chest and shoulder and stabbed her husband as many times.

As his victims cried in pain, Reeves reportedly told them, “Die you, f****** die.” Jennifer did not even get a chance to get up from her sofa and defend herself. Her husband, according to Sky News, was found behind close to the rear door.

After he killed both of them, he dialled 999 to confess, “I’ve stabbed both of them.”

According to the BBC, Joana Clark, senior crown prosecutor for CPS South West, said that Reeves murdered Jennifer and Stephen Chapple in a brutal and ‘deliberate attack in what should have been the safety of their own home, whilst their young children, aged just five and six years old, were asleep upstairs.’

“Reeves sought to avoid responsibility for murder by claiming his actions were the result of PTSD linked to his previous army service,” Clark said.

Wife, Children

Reeves is married to Kayley but it’s not clear if the couple has any children. His wife was present in the court when Reeves was found guilty of double murder. She was seen sobbing as he desperately held her killer husband’s hand.