“When Arnab Goswami goes bizerk on Salman Khan”: Comedian Ali Gur Pir mocks Republic TV founder’s ‘twit’; former Bigg Boss contestant Arshi Khan alleges hypocrisy by Republic TV founder


Comedian Ali Gur Pir has recreated Arnab Goswami’s recent meltdown against Salman Khan during a TV debate. The comedian’s video mocking Goswami’s pronunciation of the word ‘tweet’ has gone viral on the internet. Meanwhile, former Bigg Boss contestant Arshi Khan has sensationally alleged hypocrisy by the Republic TV founder accusing Goswami of receiving ads from Salman Khan for his show.

In the viral video of Ali Gur Pir, the comedian is seen enacting Goswami’s disparaging words for Salman Khan. What makes the video incredibly interesting is the comedian playing the character of Arshi Khan and one other panelist, who was present on Republic Bharat when Goswami stunned everyone by yelling at Salman Khan.

In the controversial broadcast, the Republic TV founder had launched an extraordinary attack against Salman Khan to say, “Where’s that Salman, who used to talk so much? Where is he hiding? Why does he not raise a single voice against the drugs mafia? … I am asking this question by naming Salman Khan. Where are you, Salman Khan? Not a single statement or tweet. Why are you silent on the entire episode of Disha Salian? Why are you silent on the murder of Sushant (Singh Rajput)? Which city are you in Salman? Which country are you in Salman? You are a person, who speaks against the pulse of the nation. You will read the dialogues of Bigg Boss when they are written for you by others.”

Meanwhile, Arshi Khan has asked Goswami why he was running Salman Khan’s ads during his show. She said in a video, “When I go to Arnab Goswami’s show, he shouts ‘Dubai wala, Salman Khan. No one will watch his films.’ But, Arnab bhai, please tell why you run Salman Khan’s ads when you start your debate shows?”

Goswami was called a hypocrite by some journalists, who dug out the controversial anchor’s old interview, where he was seen showering praises on the Bollywood actor.