“Well said”: Arnab Goswami’s unthinkable feat as he brings AAP spokesperson to agree with RSS supporter on Republic TV against Rahul Gandhi


For many years, Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party publicly boycotted Arnab Goswami and his erstwhile TV channel, Times Now. Such was the hatred for Goswami amongst AAP leaders that the party announced that it would continue to boycott Times Now even after Goswami’s departure in 2016. The AAP had gone on record to term Goswami’s former TV channel an ‘RSS mouthpiece.’ However, true his shrewd politician self, Kejriwal performed a spectacular U-turn on his stand with reference to Goswami and began sending his spokespersons to his new channel, Republic TV. The Delhi chief minister went a step further to fund Goswami’s hate campaign and Islamophobia with crores of taxpayers’ money in the form of advertisements from the Delhi government.

Goswami too has been returning the favour by doing away with his anti-AAP coverage on Republic TV. On Tuesday, Goswami applauded AAP spokesperson after he spoke in unison with an RSS supporter to attack Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for the latter’s tweet on lynching.

Taking to Twitter, Gandhi had written, “No one had heard of the word ‘lynching’ before 2014. Before 2014, the word ‘lynching’ was practically unheard of. #ThankYouModiJi”

The reference to 2014 by Gandhi was to highlight Narendra Modi’s ascendency to power seven years ago.

Starting his show on Republic TV, Goswami said, “I think it’s great that Rahul Gandhi’s lies on lynchings has been busted and I will bust it a little bit more tonight. This all high moral ground approach of telling everyone that lynchings were created after 2014, I’m happy that the lie has been busted.”

Terming Gandhi’s social media post as ‘illiterate tweet,’ Goswami said that the ‘biggest act of lynching happened on his father’s watch’ in the wake of the assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1084.

One of pro-RSS guests said that the Congress did not use lynchings but ‘massacres’ as he raised the issue of the anti-Sikh pogrom of 1984. Goswami then turned his focus to AAP spokesperson as he said, “Mr. Grewal, I presume and hope tonight that you will speak the truth and you will not take a party position.”

The AAP spokesperson obliged as he began to attack Gandhi making fun of his credential as a politician. The AAP spokesperson agreed with Goswami for his stand over Palghar lynching, which the Republic TV had tried to turn it into a communal issue even though the murderers of Hindu Sadhus in Maharashtra from the same religion.

But, this mattered little to AAP spokie, who said, “I just saw the figure. What you said about Palghar. And I think that was horrendous.”

No sooner did the AAP spokesperson finish his sentence, Goswami applauded him by saying, “Well said.”

Punjab goes to polls in 2022 and the AAP has begun making desperate attempts to wrest power from the Congress. In 2017, Kejriwal was rejected by Punjabi voters. It remains to be seen if the AAP leader will be second time lucky.