OMG! Arnab Goswami almost calls India ‘lynchistaan’; forgets English in zeal to criticise Rahul Gandhi


Arnab Goswami of Republic TV spent an hour of his prime time TV on Tuesday night to slam Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his tweet on lynching and addressing members of the Indian TV industry as ‘dalaal.’ However, much to the embarrassment of the Republic TV founder, he almost referred to India as ‘lynchistaan’, a term often used by the critics of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to describe India due to the growing number of lynchings of Muslims by Hindutva terrorists.

Launching a tirade against Rahul Gandhi for his lynching tweet, Goswami said, “Your father (Rajiv Gandhi) justified the lynching of Sikhs by saying that when a big tree falls, the reference being to Indira Gandhi’s assassination, the earth shakes a little. The little being a reference to 3,000 Sikhs being lynched to death allegedly by Congress men. Why? To avenge his grandmother’s killings.”

A visibly hysterical Goswami then began to list out instances of communal riots during the Congress rule in the past as he said,  “lynching this, lynching that. India had become a lynching, lynchis, err, lyncnhings all over in every single state (sic).”

Not only did Goswami suffer from Freudian slip on India being a lynchistaan under the Modi government, but he also forgot his grammer as he struggled to construct a decent sentence in English.

Goswami’s all-out attack against Rahul Gandhi was for his tweet on lynching. The Congress leader had posted on Twitter, “No one had heard of the word ‘lynching’ before 2014. Before 2014, the word ‘lynching’ was practically unheard of. #ThankYouModiJi”

In another viral video, Gandhi was seen addressing members of India’s disgraced media as ‘dalaal.’ This did not go down well Goswami as he accused the Congress leader of being surrounded with ‘stooges.’

Indian media under the Modi government has become notorious for being the flagbearers of the Hindutva ideology. While some do it for sharing the same ideology that of the RSS, others do it to please their new political masters since their refusal to do so will result in their sackings.