WATCH! Man attacked with sharp weapon in Uttar Pradesh for fight over buffalo’s tail

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A video of a man being attacked by a sharp weapon during a fight over a buffalo’s tail has gone viral on social media platforms. The incident took place in Uttar Pradesh’s Etawah district. The victim, who sustained serious injuries, has been admitted to a hospital in Saifai, while the cops have arrested the attacker.

According to the Etawah Police, the fight erupted after Kishan Pal Rathod alleged that the van used by his neighbour Rakesh Rathod had damaged his buffalo’s tail. “Rakesh Pal runs his banana business. His neighbour Kishan Pal Rathod alleged that the van used by Rakesh to carry bananas damaged the tail of his buffalo. He went to lodge a complaint with Rakesh, who denied his neighbour’s allegations,” said a police officer.

This led to a fight between the two, prompting Rakesh to use the same sharp object that he used to harvest his bananas to attack Kishan Pal. In the viral video, Kishan Pal can be seen soaked in blood as Rakesh launched a brutal attack slashing the former’s neck.

The accused has been arrested and sent to jail, while Kishan Pal is receiving treatment in a hospital in Saifai.


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