Vivek Oberoi launches personal attack at Sonam Kapoor, says ‘I’ve been working on women empowerment since the time she worked on personal makeover’


Actor Vivek Obeori has launched an extraordinary personal attack at Sonam Kapoor for calling his controversial meme degrading Aishwarya Rai and her daughter ‘disgusting and classless.’ Launching a personal attack on Sonam, Vivek said that she should ‘overreact’ less on social media and cut down on ‘overacting’ in her films.

Sonam Kapoor

“I have read her tweet. I think sometimes people try to be cool on social media and write such things. I would like to ask Sonam. What has she done on women empowerment? In the last 10 years, I’ve rescued 2200 children from child prostitution and forced labour. We provided free education and free healthcare and empowered them. Some of them are now studying on scholarships in the US, UK and Canada. These are well documented. Magazines like Forbes and other international magazines have published this,” Vivek told news agency ANI.

He said that he was working on women empowerment since the time when Sonam Kapoor ‘was working on her personal makeover.’ “All I would like to tell Sonam is that you are a good girl. I have a huge respect for your father Anil Kapoor. My advice to Sonam would be that she should do less overacting in her films and cut down on her overreaction on social media.”

Vivek said that if his meme had hurt Aishwarya, she had a voice of her own and she would have reacted by now.

Vivek’s decision to share a meme on ex-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai had earned him widespread wrath from journalists and colleagues from the Bollywood fraternity. Sonam Kapoor had slammed him for his ‘disgusting and classless’ act. Similar reaction followed from others on social media. The National Commission for Women too had issued a notice to the actor for degrading a woman with her little daughter.

On the NCW notice, Vivek had said that he was waiting for the National Commission for Women and the State Commission for Women.