Twinkle Khanna trolled for mocking Kejriwal supporters by covering face with underwear


Twinkle Khanna is known to be witty and she has often earned plaudits for her creative social media posts. However, her latest attempt to mock the supporters of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has made her a target of incessant trolling on social media platform Twitter.
Twinkle Khanna

Taking to Twitter on Friday, Twinkle, wife of actor Akshay Kumar, wrote, “When you are a Kejriwal supporter but don’t have a monkey cap! P.S. I swear I didn’t make him do this:) #cutiepie #littlemonster.”


No sooner did she post her controversial tweet, Kejriwal supporters began to troll the author of Mrs Funnybones.

But not everyone was upset with her as plenty of detractors of AAP leader congratulated her for her humour. Twinkle’s husband Akshay has faced criticism for allegedly being a fan of the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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