Times Now deletes video of Navika Kuamr’s debate, issues clarification amidst controversy over derogatory comments on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


Times Now has issued a clarification and deleted the video of its TV debate show by Navika Kumar where a BJP spokesperson had allegedly made derogatory comments and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Angry Muslims had taken to Twitter to demand BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s arrest as hashtag #ArrestNupurSharma trended.

Reacting to public outrage, Times Now tweeted, “Views expressed by BJP Spokesperson on Newshour@9 last night are her personal views. TIMES NOW does not endorse views of participants. We urge participants on our debates to maintain restraint and not indulge in unparliamentary language against fellow panelists.”

However, many had slammed Navika for not making a timely intervention when Sharma was making objectionable comments about Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Navika too had not deemed it fit to make her stand clear even after the broadcast of the show. The controversial TV anchor, who was accused of promoting Islamophobia, had later taken to Twitter to support Sharma after the BJP spokesperson alleged threats to her life.

As expected, Navika and her employer, Vineet Jain, faced condemnation for their questionable conduct.

Meanwhile, Times Now is believed to have deleted the video of its controversial broadcast from the YouTube channel.

A video of Sharma mocking Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during a TV show had gone viral. In the viral video, Sharma was seen addressing a Muslim panellist as she said, “Shall I start making fun of what’s it written in your Quran?”