The Kerala Story Day Three Box Office Collection: Netizens expose Adah Sharma for tweets against fireworks in Diwali, Holi celebrations and respectful greetings for Eid


Adah Sharma-starrer propaganda film The Kerala Story, which has been accused of promoting Islamophobia, has collected more than Rs. 28 crore within two days of its release. The Kerala Story Box Office Day Three Collection is expected to even more surprising as Hindutva supporters vow to watch the film in their hatred for Muslims. Meanwhile, netizens have sought to expose Adah Sharma for her alleged hypocrisy by digging out her old tweets on Diwali and Holi as they compared the tone with those posted to greet Muslims on Eid.
Adah Sharma

Directed by Sudipto Sen, The Kerala Story has faced widespread condemnation for using fake propaganda to promote Islamophobia in a bid to make money from the film. But knowing that such propaganda helped Kashmir Files enormously, the kaers of The Kerala Story have ignored this condemnation. The film’s producer is Vipul Shah, who hails from Gujarat, the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah.

The propaganda film collected more than Rs. 8 croe on the day of its release before seeing a huge jump in its earnings on Saturday, when The Kerala Story made than Rs. 20 crore. According to estimates, the film is expected to take its collection to more than Rs. 40 crore in the first three days of its earnings. It, however, remains to be seen if the film will continue to experience a similar momentum after the weekend. But, given the budget of Rs. 25 crore, the film will end up making a huge profit.

Meanwhile, netizens including the supporters of India’s Hindutva brigade, have slammed the film’s lead actress, Adah Sharma for her hypocrisy. That’s because, Adah had previously urged Hindus to celebrate Diwali without fireworks to reduce its impact in animals.

“Happy Diwali guys!! So if this video was annoying imagine how frightened animals and birds get when you burst loud noisy crackers. If you don;t want to do it for animals, do it for yourself. Don’t add it to pollution that’s already killing us.” she had tweeted in 2019.

In another tweet during Holi, Adah had written, “This is Shaanti complaining about humans who try to play Holi with her. Translation: Stary dogs do not want to play Holi with you. Animals get rash and skin allergies with the colour, nasal and eye irritation.”

While some of the Hindutva brigade members are calling out Adah for her hypocrisy, others are willing to to ignore this to enjoy the fresh dose of Islamophobia in their hatred for Muslims.