“Teared up reading your caption”: Sons Ayushmaan Sethi and Aaryaman Sethi leave mother Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show in tears by video capturing her journey to stardom


Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show is known for her incredible laughter. Whether it’s the Sony TV show fronted by Kapil Sharma or her popular home videos, rarely has one seen the veteran actress in an emotional state. However, her sons Ayushmaan Sethi and Aaryaman Sethi recently left her in tears as both made an adorable video capturing their mother’s journey to stardom in Bollywood.

Archana Puran Singh

Taking to Instagram, Ayushmaan shared a photo of himself with mother Archana as he wrote, “Happy birthday maa ❤ Even a thousand such days are not enough to thank you for how much you’ve done for me. Love you way more than words can ever convey…”

This prompted Archana to confess that she was left in tears just reading the caption of the birthday message from her son. She wrote, “Teared up reading your caption. You make me happy and proud every day Ayush. Love you as only a mom can☺️❤️”


Aaryaman too shared a boomerang video of himself with his mother as he wrote, “Happy Birthday to the best mother EVER. Here’s to another year of laughing uncontrollably together. I love you ma ♥”

Archana replied, “THANKYOUUUU so much ❤️ Aary? Love you to the moon and back. And thanks for everything you’ve done to make my birthday sooooo special?❤️?? Unforgettable.”

Archana also shared an adorable video made by her two sons to celebrate her birthday. By her own admission, the adorable video capturing her journey to stardom with unseen photos and clips from her famous films left her moved. She wrote, “MY BIRTHDAY VIDEO. made with so much mehnat and love by my sons @ayushmaansethi @aaryamannsethi I have no idea where they unearthed these photographs from… each picture is a milestone of my journey with the people who I love. They’ve put emotion and love and humour and laughter in this video… Much like my life itself… which has been a rollercoaster of all these …. and is beautiful because I have my family in it. Thank YOUUUUUUU Ayush and Aary. You’ve made my birthday so very precious. You know just how much!”

Last week, Archana Puran Singh was left in disbelief on her birthday when her co-star Kapil Sharma wrote flattering compliments for her. This had evoked an instant response from Archana, who is used to finding herself at the receiving end of Kapil’s cruel jokes. Visibly overwhelmed by Kapil’s compliments, Archana had announced that now the fans of the popular Sony TV comedy show will know that The Kapil Sharma Show host was also capable of praising her.