Suhel Seth dumped by Tata Sons after MeToo allegations


Tata Sons have decided to terminate its contract with Suhel Seth’s company Counselage in the wake of serious allegations of sexual misconduct by several women under the MeToo campaign. A statement by Tata Sons said that ‘Counselage’s contract with Tata Sons will end on November 30, 2018.’

Tata Sons were facing growing outrage and demand to sever ties with Suhel Seth after several woman took to social media to recount their horror stories related to his sexual predatory. Seth, a known proponent of the right-wing politics, has chosen to remain silent on the topics with many suspecting that he may have left India.

India’s tennis legend Mahesh Bhupathi had slammed people for remaining silent on the allegations of serious sexual misconduct against socialite Suhel Seth. In his hard-hitting post, Bhupathi wrote that everyone around him was aware of his behaviour but they chose to remain silent because ‘everyone has skeletons in their closet’ I don’t buy that.’

His post had read, “A peek at Suhel Seth’s lnstagram account will reveal photos of him with every famous and powerful person in the country, yet not one has felt the need to say anything about his behaviour. People in the know tell me the reason for this is, ‘Everyone has skeletons in their closet’ I don’t buy that.”

Among those, who accused Seth of sexual predatory was a former journalist Ishita Yadav, who had taken to Twitter to write about her experience of facing sexual harassment by Seth. Another woman, Natashja Rathore, too had accused the motormouth socialite of similar charges. Addressing Seth, Natasha had written, “You used your power to take me home instead… You then threw yourself at me although I was clearly uncomfortable. You shoved your tongue in my throat even when I resisted — I whacked your head and said ‘behave yourself’. You put your hand into my kurta and grabbed my breast.”

This had then prompted many other women to come forward and narrate their horror stories.