Another former journalist alleges sexual misconduct against Suhel Seth


A former journalist has come forward to recount how socialite Suhel Seth had once allegedly approached her via Facebook with an alleged sexual motive in mind.

Suhel Seth

Ishita Yadav, who worked with the Indian Express in the past, took to Twitter to write, “In 2009, when I was 24, Suhel Seth added me on Facebook and started messaging me. I don’t remember how the conversation started but at some point he asked me to come over to his house for a drink. I hadn’t heard of his predatory behaviour at the time, so I didn’t think much of it.

“But then he started messaging me things like – “you will not get your car, I will have you picked up from your house and dropped back”, “have a bath and brush your teeth before you come over”, etc and it became clear I obviously wasn’t being called over for a conversation.”

It was at this point, Ishita said that she began to suspect Seth’s motive. She said that she ‘texted a close friend to tell him this and he told me to not go.’ The woman journalist said that not only did she not go to Seth’s house but she also blocked him on Facebook.

Ishita’s story appeared just a day after another woman, Natashja Rathore, posted screenshots of her ordeal on Twitter with a caption, ” I am not doing this for publicity. I am not doing this for Money. I am not doing this to malign a person. I am doing this solely to empower other women to directly confront the perpetrator. It’s hard – But it’s about time. This is my #MeToo message to Suhel Seth.” Natashja had gone on to allege that Seth tried to molest her by shoving his tongue in her ‘throat.’ She had sarcastically thanked the socialite for not raping her.

Another woman, a journalist, too had alleged that Seth had long ‘preyed on young women, and the whisper network was ripe with stories of his depravity’ adding that she too was sexually harassed by him when she was 26.

She wrote, “I am not at all surprised that Suhel Seth’s name has come up in the #MeToo conversation. For years he has preyed on young women, and the whisper network was ripe with stories of his depravity. I was 26 when he publicly harassed and humiliated me. No one stopped him. It was July 2011, and I had just quit my job at the @IndianExpress. I had taken on a freelance assignment to transcribe speeches at a conference, just to pay the bills until I started at a new job a few months later. The conference was at the Taj Aguada hotel in Goa.”


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