Sweden-based professor exposes Swarajya’s representative for attempting to link Rohingyas’ migration to ‘Islamisation project’


Sweden-based professor Ashok Swain is not just a prolific write but also a sharp analyst on Indian and south Asian affairs. He has been frequently writing for several Indian news outlets including Janta Ka Reporter. His columns on Janta Ka Reporter have often been among the website’s most-read analyses.

Swarajya Marg

On Tuesday, Swain was at his best while slamming BJP President Amit Shah for calling Bangladeshi immigrants termites in September this year. In a series of tweets, Swain wrote, “Amit Shah calls Bangladeshis termites, but he forgets: 1. Per capita income of B’desh growing 3 times more than India 2. B’deshis (72.5) live longer than India (68.6) 3. Infant mortality less in B’desh (28.2) than India (34.6) 4. More poverty in India (58%) than B’desh (56.8%)”

His subsequent tweet read, “B’desh GDP per capita is $1516, Assam per capita GDP is $940, Life Expectancy in B’desh is 72.5, while Assam is 66.5 years, Infant mortality is B’desh only 28.2, but in Assam, it is 44 per 1000 persons, Poverty headcount ratio ($3.20pd) in Bangladesh 56.8%, in Assam it is 60%.”

Swain’s tweets went viral, receiving thousands of likes and shares on the micrblogging site. However, one representative of a right-wing website, Swarajya, appeared to take exception to Swain’s tweet and asked if Rohingyas allegedly fleeing Bangladesh to come to India was a part of ‘Islamisation project.’ Swati Goel Sharma wrote, “And despite this, not just Bangladeshis but even the Rohingyas who originally fled to Bangladesh keep coming to India in droves. So, those who say their illegal migration is essentially an Islamisation project are right?”

This prompted Swain to expose Sharma’s imaginary claims with yet another round of facts. He wrote, “Of course, India is the ‘most-favorite’ destination of Rohingya refugees! See the countries and their Rohingya Refugee population. Has @SwarajyaMag got its own list? Bangladesh – 1,300,000, Saudi Arabia – 500,000, Pakistan – 350,000, Malaysia – 150,000, UAE – 50,000, India – 40,000.”

Left red-faced, Sharma decided to not proceed with this Twitter conversation. Swarajya and its editorial director R Jagannathan were recently included in the list of outlets and individuals that had peddled fake news in the past.