Stung by Combrapost’s Operation Karaoke, Sunny Leone borrows lines from Saumya Tandon to defend herself


A Cobrapost investigation on Tuesday caught as many as 36 entertainment celebrities admit on camera that they were willing to accept money to push the agenda of a political party for a fee. Notable among them was pornstar-actor Sunny Leone, who told the Cobrapost team that she would happily support Prime Minister Narendra Modi if the latter granted her husband Overseas Citizen of India. Sunny’s husband Daniel Weber is a Canadian national.

Sunny Leone

Faced with public outrage, Sunny has issued a clarification stating that she was not campaigning for any political parties. Her statement, posted on Twitter, read, “Hi this is to inform you’ll that I am not campaigning for any political parties, unlike the news that’s circulated talking about me doing so.”

She went on to add, “If and when I do promote any political party would be the first to announce the same. In regards to discussion with anyone being a free citizen I am entitled to do so as I am approached weekly for many different agendas by many different people. We engage and listen to everyone.”

The porntstar-turned actor said that if she decided to promote anything political in life she
‘would choose things I only believe in.’ “As of now I have not posted or expressed any political viewpoint as can be clearly seen on my social media. Thanks and love you all!!!!” she added.

Her statement appears to be a carbon copy of what popular TV actress Saumya Tandon had exclusively told Janta Ka Reporter. Speaking to Janta Ka Reporter, the Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain star had said, “Unless and until I truly believe in the person or the party because there are a lot of things that I do for money, but this is something I will never do for money. Because I feel that this is far more serious and it has far greater implications and I would never sell myself for money on these kind of things. If I have to really earn money, I would rather do a role, you know, or a project which is not of national importance or something which has serious consequences. So I have always stood by it and I will stand by it.”

Saumya was one of the four actors, who had refused to sell their soul to Cobrapost team when they made a similar offer to her. Saumya was widely hailed for sticking to her values over financial lure.