Sona Mohapatra comforts Chinmayi Sripada after she fears her career was over due to MeToo allegations


Singer Sona Mohapatra has come to the defence of Tamil singer and dubbing artist Chinmayi Sripada, who said that her career in the south Indian film industry was over because of her decision to raise sexual harassment allegations.

In a series of tweets, Sripada had written, “Sooo given to understand that I have been terminated from the dubbing union. Which means I can longer dub in Tamil films henceforth. The reason stated is that I haven’t paid ‘subscription fees’ for 2 years though this hasn’t stopped them from taking 10% off my dubbing income.”

In her subsequent tweet, Sripada said that with her ‘membership terminated,’ she doubted she will dub for a film again in Tamil. Sripada, who’s currently touring the US for concert, wrote, “I expected the first axe to go down from the dubbing union. I dont know yet if I’ll be given my membership back. Just a decision that’s been taken without informing me that my membership is terminated. I am still on the much publicised concert tour in the US.”

She concluded, “Anyway as of now it looks like ‘96 will be my last in Tamil. It is a good film to end my Tamil dubbing scene with if the termination were to continue.”

Last month Sripada had accused lyricist Vairamuthu of sexually harassing her when she narrated her own MeToo story. According to her, the lyricist in question had approached her to sing Tamizh Thaai Vaazhthu at a book launch event. “Year 2005/2006 maybe. Veezhamattom. An album for Srilankan Tamizhs that I had sung in, as had Manikka Vinayagam sir. I dont remember if it was a book or an album release or both now; the performances and launch happened in Switzerland.”

“We sang. We went to Switzerland. We performed. Everyone left. Only my mother and I were asked to stay back. The organizer (I dont remember his name) asked me to visit Vairamuthu sir in a hotel in Lucerne. I asked why. He told me to cooperate. I refused. We demanded to be sent back to India. He said ‘You wont have a career!’ My mother and I both put our foot down, career vendam mannum vendam. Demanded an earlier flight to India and came back,” she had continued.

Reacting to Sripada’s tweet expressing fears about her career, Sona asked her not to worry since there were good men also in the industry. Sona, who herself named Kailash Kher and Anu Malik, accusing both of them of sexual misconduct, wrote, “Your career is not done with http://Chinmayi.An unfair, unjust & very pathetic move by the boys bullies club to put you & me in our places for being woke & standing up BUT a temporary set back.All good women & hopefully some good men are feeling the injustice & will join us.” (sic)

Sona recently abruptly quit the popular music reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pabroadcast on Zee TV. Her decision to quit the show as judge had stunned her fans since her departure came just weeks after she accused two big names in the music industry of sexual harassment.