Shocking revelation in singer KK’s death, autopsy report out; wife reveals KK’s medical history


The death of singer KK at a music event in Kolkata’s Nazrul Manch this week sent shock waves across the world. Now, the autopsy report of the celebrated singer has made a huge revelation about the cause of KK’s death. KK’s wife too has made another revelation about the singer’s medical history.

Journalist Soumyajit Majumder tweeted, “Autopsy reveals KK had major heart blockages for quite some time, which he did not treat thinking those to be acidity problems. His wife told officials that he always carried antacids. Traces of antacids were found in his body, and antacid strips found in his hotel room: police.”

KK reportedly had 80% blockage in the left main coronary artery and small blockages in various other arteries and sub-arteries. Quoting officials, the journalist added that KK could have been saved if CPR was administered. Too much excitement during the live performance stopped the blood flow leading to cardiac arrest.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s grandson, Chandra Kumar Bose, slammed politicians for doing politics on the tragic death of a legendary singer. “It’s extremely sad that KK passed away all of a sudden! It’s evident that he had heart issues, but unscrupulous politicians didn’t fail to do petty politics with an unfortunate incident! Shameful,” Bose tweeted.

KK had reportedly died immediately after his performance at south Kolkata’s Nazrul Manch. He fell ill and was immediately taken to a nearby hospital, but doctors declared him brought dead.

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From Prime Minister Narendra Modi to top Bollywood celebrities, everyone had reacted with shock to his death. A video of his last performance with chilling lines about the unpredictability of life had gone viral on social media.