Shah Rukh Khan receives chilling death threats on Twitter from ‘fans’ owing allegiance to Virat Kohli, Salman Khan; Pathaan actor asked to go to Pakistan


A war of words has broken out between the fans of Shah Rukh Khan and thugs owing allegiance to Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and Bollywood megastar Salman Khan. In a chilling development, a group of Twitter users claiming to be fans of Kohli and Salman hurled abuses at Shah Rukh’s mother and threatened to set Mannat (the actor’s official residence) on fire with all his family members.
Virat Kohli

The death threat being issued to Shah Rukh by a group of criminals was brought to light by a Twitter user, who shared a clip of a Twitter Space with a health warning as he wrote, “PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS.”

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The user, Ravi, wrote, “Yesterday I went into a space of Virat and Salman Khan stans and I was shocked after listening to them. They publically referred to SRK as “GADDAR”, “HAKLA”, and “PAKISTANI” and even associated him with a terrorist organization “ALQAEEDA”.”

In the viral clip, a group of criminals could be poking fun at Shah Rukh’s Muslim identity. India’s biggest star was repeatedly abused in the clip with some even not sparing the actor’s dead mother. One user said, “Shah Rukh Khan’s father was from Peshawar (in Pakistan). He to must have been a terrorist.”

Another user said, “He (Shah Rukh) is a member of Al-Qaeda. Kill him. Such anti-national has no right to stay alive in our country. Just set his family on fire.

User Ravi, who shared the disturbing clip, wrote, “Then they stooped to the lowest level one can imagine. One speaker even went to the extent of saying that blow away Shah Rukh Khan and his House MANNAT, along with BURNING his FAMILY ALIVE. They even abused his DEAD MOTHER, wife, daughter and son.”

Ravi reminded how Shah Rukh enjoyed a very good relationship with Kohli and his wife Anushka Sharma, who has acted alongside him in many films. Anushka’s debut film Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was opposite Shah Rukh.

“Everyone knows how much respect @AnushkaSharma and @ViratKohli have for SRK. There is mutual admiration between them. Anushka even started her career with SRK and considers him an idol. Both SRK and Virat are representing India on a global level and we take huge pride in them,” Ravi added.

Fans of Kohli and Shah Rukh appeared to be at loggerheads on social media for several days with both comparing their idol’s stardom. Neither Kohli nor Shah Rukh has reacted to this disturbing development.