Sambit Patra pokes fun at Sonia Gandhi after Congress flag falls during hoisting function; Congress respond with gaffe faced by Amit Shah


A video of a Congress flag falling from the pole as the party president Sonia Gandhi made every attempt to hoist it has become a topic of intense political battle. This started with news agency ANI sharing a video of Sonia Gandhi unable to hoist her party’s flag during the Congress’ 137th Foundation Day ceremony. Sharing the video, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra wrote, “It was falling, falling before it finally fell.”

Sambit Patra

However, Sambit Patra’s jibe at Sonia Gandhi did not go down well with Congress functionaries as they launched a counter-attack by showing an old video of Home Minister Amit Shah, who had failed to hoist the country’s national flag.

Youth Congress leader BV Srinivas tweeted, “Achambhit Patra, don’t you feel ashamed to make fun of the home minister (Amit Shah)?”

Congress supporters took to social media to highlight the difference in the conduct of both Sonia Gandhi and Amit Shah after the flags had fallen off. They argued that while Shah had allowed the national flag to fall on the ground without making any attempt to catch it, Gandhi had held on to her party’s flag.

In 2018, Shah had dropped the national flag while attempting to hoist it to mark the country’s independence day. Left red-faced, the BJP president had later received help from people present there to successfully unfurl the flag. A broadcast from the government-owned Doordarshan had called the development ‘disaster.’