Salman Khan lashes out at Deepak Thakur, calls him mentally sick, accuses Dipika Kakar of cheating


Bigg Boss 12 host Salman Khan on Saturday night lashed out at Deepak Thakur calling him mentally sick. This was after the contestant from Bihar allegedly accused Jasleen Matharu of being a gold digger.

Salman also targeted Dipika Kakar for cheating while discharging the responsibility as a referee or umpire. Drawing a cricket analogy, Salman said that her cheating was as blatant as an umpire declaring batsman not out even when the bowler had dislodged the bells on a legitimate ball.

“You were determined to have Karanvir Bohra as the new captain. So you threw fairness out of the window,” Salman told Dipika.

While interacting with housemates during the Weekend Ka Vaar, an angry Salman asked Deepak, “Who has given you the rights to enter someone’s personal life? You always cry at the drop of hat. But when you indulge in someone’s character assassination, this is worse than someone abusing you.”

Salman asked, “Are you ok?” “Yes, I am,” said Deepak. Salman replied, “I don’t think so. I think you are not mentally well.” He also chided Surbhi Rana for not admonishing Deepak, when he was allegedly casting aspersion on Jasleen’s personal relationship.

On Tuesday night last week, Jasleen Mtharu was targeted for dating an old man. Leading the charge were Surbhi Rana and Deepak Thakur, who are addressed as the two members of the Happy Club. In a bid to wind Jasleen up, Surbhi had sung Main Kya Karoon Ram, Mujhe Budha Mil Gaya. (What do I do Lord, I have got an old partner.)” This did not go down well with Jasleen who reacted angrily and even threatened Surbhi to break her face. “Don’t mess with me. Main tumhara moonh tod dungi (I will break your face).”

Deepak had then revealed how Jasleen had once confessed that she was dating the bhajan singer Anup Jalota for money. According to Deepak, when Jalota was evicted the first time, Jasleen had asked Romil, who’s a lawyer by profession, if she will be entitled to stake her claim on Jalota’s property even though she was in an un-wedded  relationship for three years.

Hearing this allegation, Jasleen went berserk and denied the charges. While continuously crying, Jasleen said that she was not a gold digger and she could have chosen anyone else if her intention was to make money. “I wouldn’t have come here and revealed our relationship,” she said.

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