Row over inviting ‘Islamophobe’ Sudhir Chaudhary deepens after UAE princess publicly shames organiser Neeraj Ritolia; netizens want Indian CA deported


The row over the issue of inviting Islamophobe Sudhir Chaudhary deepened on Wednesday when UAE Princess Hend bint Faisal Al Qasim publicly shamed CA Neeraj Ritolia, the man responsible for inviting the Zee New anchor to the Islamic kingdom.

Princess Hend took to Twitter to share a photo of CA Ritolia as she wrote angrily, “I just spoke to the President of the Abu Dhabi Chartered Accountants and he told me that #Islamophobe Sudhir Chaudhry is still attending. He refuses to disinvite him. Good to know how much he RESPECTS the country of Tolerance.”

Princess Hend’s ‘country of tolerance’ reference was for the UAE, which marked 2019 as the year of tolerance to celebrate ‘coexistence, tolerance and dialogue.’

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“The UAE is officially celebrating the values and meanings of tolerance in 2019, to establish its status as a global capital for tolerance and a nurturing environment for the diverse cultural backgrounds living and working peacefully side by side in the country,” the UAE government had said while launching the initiative.

Princess Hend had expressed her disgust last week asking the organisers, the Abu Dhabi chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, to explain why they decided to invite Chaudhary as a speaker to her country. Addressing the Zee News anchor as a terrorist, Hend had reminded how the controversial TV anchor had been routinely defaming Islam and its followers.

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No sooner did Princess Hend share Ritolia’s photo, Twitterati began to demand his deportation from the UAE for indulging in Islamophobia.

Chaudhary has been at the forefront of Indian TV anchors, often referred to as lapdogs or TV criminals, in fuelling hatred against Muslims in India.

He had led a campaign to defame Indian Muslims by blaming them for spreading coronavirus in 2020. Several Indian high courts later concluded that blaming the members of the Tablighi Jamaat for the spread of the virus was part of propaganda.