Ramdev faces ridicule as Patanjali faces bloodbath in stock market amidst scandal plaguing Adani Group


The controversial founder of Patanjali, Ramdev, is facing widespread ridicule after his company’s shares faced a bloodbath in stock market amidst a scandal plaguing Gautam Adani of the Adani Group. This was after Patanjali’s share price suspiciously nosedived to just Rs. 911.40 in the last month, experiencing a fall off a whopping 22.36 percent.


While Adani’s shares plunged in the wake of a damaging report accusing Gautam Adani of committing financial fraud and stock manipulation, no one knows why Patanjali is experiencing a similar fate.

Y Sathish Reddy, Chairman of the Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation, tweeted, “While #Adani stands as no1 fraudster. We seem to have a chota bhai of him hiding silently. Revenue of #Patanjali suspiciously grew from just ₹1,184 Cr in 2014 to ₹40,000 Cr now. Patanjali stock is rapidly falling From 1200₹ few days back to ₹900 now!.”

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Sweden-based professor, Ashok Swain tweeted, “Not only Adani, but Ramdev also going down – The share price of Ramdev’s Patanjali Foods has gone down from Rs 1,495 four months ago to Rs 700 now.”

Similar observations were made by other Twitter users, who wondered if Patanjali was the next venture owned by another supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to face the music for its unexplained growth.

Ramdev had supported the BJP in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls supporting the candidature of Modi as the next prime minister. After Modi assumed power, Ramdev’s Patanjali experienced phenomenal growth. He was recently in the news for his hate speech targeting India’s Muslims and Christians.