Rahul Gandhi tricks BJP MPs to embarrass Mukesh Ambani, Gautam Adani in parliament; ruling party emerges insensitive to ‘martyred’ farmers


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday attacked the Centre’s Narendra Modi government in the parliament, accusing it of favouring two businessmen with a Hum Do Hamare Do slogan. BJP palriamentarians immediately concluded that Rahul Gandhi was referring to Mukesh Ambani of Reliance Industries and Gautam Adani of the Adani Group, heaping embarrasment on the ruling party. And this was not the only occasion when the Congress MP from Wayanad tricked the BJP MPs into showing their insensitivity to farmers, who’ve died during the ongoing protests against the three Farm Laws.

Mukesh Ambani
Cartoon: via Twitter

Rahul Gandhi said, “Like Corona, this slogan (Hum Do Hamaare Do) has returned in a different form. This country is being run by four people.”

But before the Congress leader could continue further, Speaker Om Birla intervened to ask him to focus his speech on the budget. “You speak only on the budget,” said Birla. Gandhi replied, “I’m coming to the budget.”

“Four people are running the country. Hum Do Hamaare Do. Everyone knows those names,” Gandhi continued amidst cheering from his MPs. One of the Congress MPs was heard saying, “Adani, Ambani.”

Gandhi said, “Whose government is this? Hum Do Hamaare Do.” 

Gandhi’s speech was repeatedly interrupted by shouting from the treasury bench but this did not stop the Congress leader from speaking until Speaker Om Birla muted his microphone briefly to allow a BJP MP to make an interjection. The BJP MP took objection to the reference to Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani by Rahul Gandhi as he said, “I would like to remind the honourable member (Rahul Gandhi) that he should restrict his speech to the budget…He is claiming that 40% of groceries and other vegetables are kept in Adani and Ambani’s place. Let him prove that.”

The Congress used the BJP MP’s speech to take a dig at the ruling party as one said, “You yourself named Adani and Ambani.” Others alleged that Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar was running away in search of the rule book to hide his embarrassment.

After a brief interruption, Gandhi resumed his speech as he said, “So, Hum Do Hamaare Do. You may recall. There used to be one photo comprising four people (during the family planning campaign by the government in the past). That photo used to have cute faces, beautiful faces, fat faces.”

Once again, opposition MPs were left in splits by Gandhi’s humourous take on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to help his businessman friends.

If embarrassing the ruling party by attacking it for helping Gautam Adani and Mukesh Ambani was not enough, Gandhi released another weapon from his armoury. Little did the BJP MPs know that Rahul Gandhi’s trick move would have far reaching consequences in the future.

To everyone’s surprise, Gandhi said that he was not going to speak on the budget and instead would observe a two-minute silence in respect to ‘the martyrdom of 200 farmers’ during the ongoing protest. Gandhi said, “These people have not paid tribute to those 200 farmers, who’ve been martyred. I would like to urge all MPs to join me to observe a two-minute silence for those martyrs after my speech.”

While opposition MPs joined Gandhi, this left MPs from the treasury bench enraged as they began to shout. They continued to shout even when the opposition MPs were observing a two-minute silence for those killed during the ongoing farmers’ protest.

This is bound to be viewed as another instance of insensitivity shown by the ruling BJP towards farmers. Sources in the Congress say that the party will highlight this development to drive home a point that the BJP did not care about the farmers’ deaths and, therefore, refused to join others to observe a two-minute silence.

P.S. Hum Do Hamare Do was a popular tagline of a government campaign in the 80s, urging couples to not have more than two children.