Quantum of punishment for Nicholas John Roske, man who plotted to kill Supreme Court judge; What court said!


The news of 26-year-old man from California plotting to kill a top Supreme Court judge Justice Brett Kavanaugh has sent shockwaves across the US. The man, identified as Nicholas John Roske, was later taken into custody by the US police. He was produced before a federal court in Maryland at 3 PM local time. The court set the next date of hearing on 222 June when Roske will have be brought back to face the charges all over again.

Photo: Bloomberg

If convicted, Roske faces the risk of spending 20 years in jail since plotting to murder a Supreme Court judge is deemed to be a serious crime in America. However, experts say that he may be fortunate to receive leniency from the court.

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Roske was spotted by two US Deputy Marshals while getting out of a taxicab in front of the home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh on Wednesday. He was reportedly carrying a suitcase and a backpack at that time. He began to walk down the street after seeing the security presence near the judge’s house.

Moments later, emergency services received a call from Roske, who said he was having suicidal thoughts. He also informed that he had a gun and was in the area from California to kill ‘a specific United States Supreme Court Justice.’ A team of cops arrived at the scene and found Roske still busy in conversation with the emergency services staff. He was immediately taken into custody.