Pro-BJP Mohandas Pai publicly admonishes Union Minister Babul Supriyo for ‘condescending’ tweet on new income tax provisions


Mohandas Pai has been one of the most loyal flag-bearers of the BJP ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi won his first term in office in 2014. His loyalty for the BJP even saw him earn embarrassment for himself as international media called him out for peddling fake news to discredit India’s opposition party, the Congress.

However, Pai was left infuriated by a social media post of a union minister on Sunday. This was after Babul Supriyo allegedly mocked India’s richest people over the enhanced income tax provisions in this year’s union budget for the highest earners in society.

Under the provisions announced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, those earning between Rs 2-5 crore will be expected to pay an additional 3% tax with surcharge rate being increased from 15% to 25%. Those earning in excess of Rs 5 crore annually will now pay a surcharge of 37%, from the current 15%.

Supriyo took to Twitter to seemingly mock the rich as he wrote, “A Snap-Shot of the Tax-Slabs that this Budget helped create•The Super-Rich (the Blessed?)many of who don’t get time for Charity or Social Service, may feel Good paying this little’ extra for those who ‘need’ ? Sadly, the opposition play hard 2 take us away frm the real Picture.”

Pai found this tweet by Supriyo ‘condescending’ as he decided to publicly chide the union minister. He wrote, “This is total rubbish @SuPriyoBabul People who earn well spend a lot on charity, do not need your condescending comments. You are hurting honest tax payers who have been paying full tax,letting go the dishonest who are evading!is this the way to mock honest people?Shame!”

Perhaps, due to Pai’s proximity to the BJP’s leadership, Supriyo decided to not reply to his admonishing. Pai’s company Aarin Capital Partners was one of the co-founders of Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV in 2017.