PM Modi urges Indians to pet Indian breed dogs, Twitterati hilariously link statement to ‘lapdogs’ of Indian media; Arnab Goswami and others face public ridicule


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged Indians to pet Indian breed dogs during his monthly radio address Mann Ki Baat. However, his request led to a hilarious interpretation as netizens began to link his statement to ‘lapdogs’ in the Indian media.

Modi said in his address, “Friends, I have also been told that Indian breed dogs are also very good. They are very capable… The next time you plan to pet a dog, you must bring home an Indian breed dog.”

No sooner did the prime minister complete his address, Twitterati began to link the comments to TV anchors masquerading as journalists while others also criticised Modi for choosing to focus on the topic of pet animals and ignore the plight of the citizens of the nation. Critics of Indian media have often referred to Indian TV news anchors as lapdogs.

Here’s how Twitterati reacted;

Modi’s Mann Ki Baat also came under criticism from students demanding the postponement of the NEET and JEE exams amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. One wrote, “Toys, Apps, Dogs and fake Atamnirbhar campaign, but no words on JEE/NEET students issue or Covid after effects whether economy or unemployment.” Another commented, “I thought Narendra Modi would talk about children. I thought that Narendra Modi would speak for the NEET JEE in #MannKiBaat, but Narendra Modi spoke about toys and dogs. Does the Modi government want to push millions of students into #COVID19??”

“To think, at the present moment, with JEE exams two days away, dogs and toys matter more,” wrote one user.