“Picture abhi baaqi hai”: Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik borrows line from Shah Rukh Khan’s film to take potshot at Sameer Wankhede after Aryan Khan granted bail


Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik on Thursday borrowed a famous line from a film starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone to take a dig at NCB officer Sameer Wankhede after the Bombay High Court granted bail to Aryan Khan.

No sooner did the Bombay High Court grant bail to Aryan in the drug case, Malik tweeted, “Picture abhi baaqi hai mere dost (There’s more to the film my friend).”

Shah Rukh Khan had delivered the famous line picture abhi baaqi hai mere dost in his famous film Om Shanti Om also starring Deepika Padukone.

It seems Malik took the potshot at NCB Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede by borrowing the lines from Om Shanti Om. Facing arrests, Wankhede on Thursday moved the Bombay High Court seeking protection. The Mumbai Police said that they would only arrest Wankhede after giving 72 hours of notice.

Malik also mocked Wankhede by highlighting the irony that he was approaching the high court seeking protection from arrest even though the same high court had granted bail Aryan Khan, who he had allegedly arrested in fake charges.

Several cases have been filed against the controversial NCB officer ranging from extortion to corruption. An NCB witness in the Aryan Khan arrest case had sensationally alleged that KP Gosavi had talked about paying Rs. 8 crore to Wankhede. Gosavi was arrested by the Maharashtra from Pune, where he was hiding in a lodge.

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Gosavi is facing allegations of working in collusion with the NCB officer to arrest Aryan Khan on fake charges in a bid to collect crores of rupees in extortion from Shah Rukh Khan. According to Prabhakar Sail, who said that he worked as Gosavi’s boydguard, the latter had allegedly talked about collection Rs. 25 crore in the case before promising to pay Rs. 8 crore to Wankhede.

Wankhede, for his part, has denied all allegations.

Malik has raised serious charges against Wankhede, accusing the controversial NCB officer of forging his birth certificate to avail reservation in the upsc examination to become an IRS officer. According to the documents revealed by Malik, Wankhede was born as Muslim, whose first wife was Dr. Shabana Qureshi. However, he allegedly removed his middle name, Dawood, to pose himself as Dalit so that he could avail reservation in the UPSC exam.

Wankhede’s current wife is a Marathi actor Kranti Redkar Wankhede, who has claimed that her husband had always been Hindu.