Pathaan Day 3 Box Office Collection: Alia Bhatt performs crazy spoon dance at Mannat as Shah Rukh Khan-starrer film inches close to Rs. 300 crore in 3 days; Kapil Sharma visits


When Shah Rukh Khan posted his first tweet after the success of his new blockbuster, Pathaan, this left many of his fans emotional. In his tweet, King Khan had spoken about the much-talked-about phenomenon of making a comeback after years of not giving a hit film. He wrote, “You aren’t meant to plan your return…U r meant to move forward. Don’t come back…try to finish what u started. Just a 57yr olds’ advice things.” Shah Rukh’s tweet came amidst Pathaan day 3 box office collection showing that the film had made Rs. 36 crore in India. This meant that the film has now made 163.50 crores nett across India from its Hindi version with the worldwide gross being estimated at 280-290 crores. The same day it also meerged that several top names from India’s entertainment industry including Alia Bhatt, comedian Kapil Sharma and actor Ranveer Singh had visited Shah Rukh reportedly to congratulate him on the success of his film. In a video shared on Instagram, Alia was seen performing a crazy dance as Ranveer applauded from a distance.

Alia Bhatt

Quoting a close source, the Pinkvilla website wrote, “The mood in Mannat (Shah Rukh Khan’s Bandra, Mumbai residence) at this point is joyous and celebratory, and many celebrities have been dropping by to wish Shah Rukh Khan for Pathaan’s success. Yesterday, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt and Kapil Sharma – on their own separate times – met Shah Rukh to congratulate him. The actor too is quite overwhelmed and happy with all the love that is showered upon him. Meanwhile, these visits are expected to continue over the long weekend too.”

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The video shared by Pinkvilla on Instagram showed Alia dancing with a spoon in her mouth.


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Pathaan’s success has made people linked to India’s entertainment industry extremely happy as it may revive the fortune of Bollywood. But the much-maligned boycott gang is facing widespread ridicule since their call for a boycott of the film has backfired. Several powerful BJP leaders had tacitly extended their support to the call for a boycott of the film accusing Shah Rukh of insulting the sentiments of Hindus.

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Pro-BJP Kangana Ranaut had first praised the film before performing a U-turn to launch her social media rant against the film and Shah Rukh Khan.

She had written on Facebook, “All those who are claiming Pathan is triumph of love over hate, I agree but whose love over whose hate? Let’s be precise, whose is buying tickets and making it a success?Yes it is India’s love and inclusiveness where eighty percent Hindus lives and yet a film called Pathan..Which shows our enemy nation Pakistan and ISIS in good light is running successfully, it is this spirit of India 🇮🇳 beyond hate and judgements that makes it Mahan. (sic)”

Filmmaker Karan Johar had taken a dig at the boycott gang while announcing the return of the ‘King,’ Karan had said that the king had gone nowhere but was only waiting for appropriate time to rule. Shah Rukh’s fans have affectionately called him the king of Bollywood.