Sambit Patra turns singer, wows Odisha audience with Telugu rendition of Tum Mile track


Sambit Patra has been resolute in flying the flag for the BJP as its spokesperson in TV debates for many years. He’s mastered the art of catering to different audience by wearing different hats. He can act like a troll in some debates, while the same politician from Odisha has also demonstrated his skills to sound like an ambassador of peace and budding intellectual.

Sambit Patra

The politician, who’s also a qualified surgeon, is now trying his luck in electoral politics after the BJP fielded him as its candidate from Puri parliamentary seat. Since being announced as the BJP’s candidate from Puri, Patra has hit the campaign trail with full enthusiasm. On Friday, the BJP spokesperson informed his followers on social media about the ‘sizeable Telugu population’ of Puri.

Patra wrote, “Puri has a sizeable Telugu population and the BJD government has ignored them. Please watch my speech where I’ve promised them to resolve all there issues, problems also work for there development which has not been done by the BJD.”

Patra also posted a link of his speech, which he had delivered entirely in Telugu while addressing a considerable large crowd in Puri’s  Telegu-dominated Penthakata area. Of course, he was reading from a script, but his Telugu audience simply loved his efforts.

If this was not enough, Patra stunned everyone by performing Telusa Manasa, the Telugu version of famous Hindi song, Tum Mile Dil Khile from the popular film Criminal. He wrote, “Puri has a sizeable Telugu Population as well. While Campaigning amidst them sang a famous Telugu number on demand. The frenzy in the crowd was palpable, don’t believe ? A must watch! Lots of love to my adorable Telugu friends.”

While appearing on TV debates for so many years, no one could ever detect the singing talent of Patra. His performance on Friday night was incredibly melodious and going by the response from his Telugu audience, he appeared to have won many hearts already.

One wonders why he can’t be this affable while taking parts in TV debates.