Not Nita Ambani, it was Shloka Mehta’s mysterious pinky connection with Rohit Sharma’s wife that helped Mumbai Indians win IPL


Remember last year’s nail-biting IPL final between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings that Nita Ambani-owned team went on to win. Nita Ambani fervently chanting some mysterious mantras during the finals had become a topic of intense conversation on social media platforms. But little did one realise that long before Nita’s mysterious mantras  caught everyone’s attention, her daughter-in-law Shloka Mehta and Rohit Sharma’s wife Ritika Sajdeh had their own magic formula to see the team through.

Shloka Mehta

This became apparent after Mumbai Indian captain Rohit Sharma shared a photo of Shloka and his wife on his Instagram page. Although Rohit had shared the photo in 2017, soon after Mumbai Indian became the IPL champions for the third time, this has gone viral after one of Shloka Mehta’s fan pages shared the photo.

Dressed in blue to match the colour of the jersey of their team, owner Shloka was seen class in a cold shoulder denim top and blue jeans. As she connected her pinky with that of Ritika Sajdeh, who was sitting next to the Ambani bahu in the next row, this gesture was seen as a sign of luck during a tense moment on the field. Ritika too was dressed in an off shoulder blue dress, with hair left loose.

After winning the finals, an ecstatic Rohit Sharma had declared Shloka and Ritika the team’s 12th and 13th players respectively. His caption had read, “MI’s 12th and 13th players.”

Rohit and Shloka share a great camaraderie as was evident during the last Diwali celebrations organised by Mukesh and Nita Ambani. Shloka had car-pooled with Rohit as the two arrived for the Diwali function.

Shloka is known for taking intense interests in the management of Mumbai Indians. She had broken into an impromptu dance in front of the family driver after the Mumbai Indians won the championship last year.