New revelation points finger at BJP MLA in Bengaluru’s cash-for-bed scam; angry netizens trend #ArrestTejasviSurya, #ArrestBJPMLASatish


The Congress has demanded the arrest of BJP MLA Satish Reddy after media reports claimed that he may have been involved in the bed allotment scam in Bengaluru. The revelation has come just a day after BJP MP Tejasvi Surya had sensationally sought to add communal colour to a deadly pandemic by blaming innocent Muslim Covid warriors for the scam. One of the MLAs, who had accompanied Surya to publicly blame innocent Muslim employees for the scam, was none other than Satish Reddy. As it emerges, the Congress has accused the BJP of playing the Islamophobia card to divert public attention from its own leaders’ involvement in the scam.

According to Mirror Now, one of BJP MLA Satish Reddy’s aides was caught last week directing the BBMP war room staff to reserve beds for asymptomatic patients. The aide was later thrown out of the war room after BBMP bosses became suspicious of his activities. This, according to Mirror Now, had prompted Reddy’s supporters to stage a protest outside the war room.

It seems that BJP MP Tejasvi Surya and three MLAs from his party had invented the bribe-for-bed scam only to divert the focus from Satish Reddy’s involvement.

No sooner did the new twist to the so-called cash-for-bed scam emerge, Twitterati began to trend #ArrestBJPMLASatish.

Popular actor Siddharth had called Tejasvi Surya ‘far more dangerous’ than even terrorist Ajmal Kasab after the BJP MP from Bengaluru was found to be peddling Islamophobia amidst a deadly pandemic. Surya had to face widespread condemnation after he was seen slamming Bengaluru civic body officials for hiring more than a dozen Muslims as COVID warriors.

Meanwhile, all Muslim employees hired to work at the COVID facility by BBMP are facing police harassment after Tejasvi Surya accused them of being involved in the scam. They have also been asked by their employer to stay at home. This has adversely affected their livelihood for no fault of theirs. They have become victims of a BJP MP’s dirty game just because he wanted to protect the involvement of one of his own MLAs in the scam.