NDTV faces ridicule for posting negative news on Tata, another positive story on owner Gautam Adani days after critics predicted death for TV channel


NDTV has become one of the most discussed TV channels on social media these days, particularly after industrialist Gautam Adani took control of the media group. The TV channel’s recent coverage has shown just how swiftly the media group has surrendered its objectivity in favour of its new owner, a close friend of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Wednesday was no different when netizens took more potshots at NDTV for its nimble-footedness in carrying another positive story about its owner while posting adverse news about rival Tata Group.

The headline of a news item on Adani Group by NDTV on Wednesday screamed, “Adani Group Plans To Invest ₹ 60,000 Crore In Madhya Pradesh In Various Sectors.” This headline by NDTV prompted Twitter users to poke fun at Adani saying that the Gujarati billionaire was on course to receive another tranche of thousands of crores of rupees worth loans from the SBI.

The same day, NDTV’s headline about Tata Group read, “Tata Project, Championed By Boss N Chandrasekaran, Underwhelms: Report.”

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Reacting to the negative headline about the rival corporate group, one user sarcastically wrote, “Disclaimer: New Delhi Television is a subsidiary of AMG Media Networks Limited, an Adani Group Company. (Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.).”

NDTV had recently become a butt of jokes after it deployed its top anchors to share the clips of Gautam Adani’s interview, aired on India TV. Many felt that this was a conclusive evidence of NDTV’s death as an impartial broadcaster in India.