Navika Kumar left stunned as farmer leader Rakesh Tikait embarrasses Times Now anchor with ‘BJP spokesperson’ jibe on LIVE TV


Navika Kumar of Times Now was one of those usual suspects in the Indian Tv industry who was visibly hurt by Narendra Modi’s decision to surrender before the protesting farmers over the controversial Farm Laws. She had taken to Twitter to express her disappointment. This was also evident when she interviewed farmer leader Rakesh Tikait after Modi’s announcement. However, much to her embarrassment, Tikait heaped more agony on the Times Now anchor by openly accusing her of being a BJP spokesperson.
राकेश टिकैत

Navika asked Tikait if he was planning to contest the next election since he, according to her, had unsuccessfully entered the electoral politics with the help of the Congress in 2007.

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Tikait’s reply left Navika stunned since she did not expect the farmer leader to embarrass her publicly. Tikait replied, “I don’t want to contest elections. You can contest elections. Now, TV anchors would contest elections since they’ve now become BJP spokespersons.”

Tikait continued, “The government is not speaking to us, but anchors are asking all the questions. I will help you get a ticket. Do let me know who amongst you want to contest elections.

Modi’s decision to repeal the controversial Farm Laws in the upcoming Winter Session of the parliament left India’s right-wing TV anchors disappointed. Some chose to remain quiet while others including Navika and her colleagues took to social media to express their disappointment.

India’s right-wing TV anchors had left no stone unturned in pushing the government’s narrative in vilifying the protesting farmers. They also made desperate attempts to establish how the Farm Laws were meant to help farmers, who were called anti-nationals for their decision to stage peaceful protests.

Farmers’ protests had earned global publicity after popstar Rihanna threw her weight behind the movement when the BJP government of Haryana launched a brutal crackdown against protesters.