“How dare you invite an Islamophobe to my peaceful country”: UAE princess lashes out at organiser for inviting Sudhir Chaudhary to her country, calls Zee News anchor ‘terrorist’

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UAE princess Hend bint Faisal Al Qasim has lashed out at an organiser for inviting Zee News anchor Sudhir Chaudhary to her country despite the latter’s role in promoting Islamophobia through his TV broadcasts. Addressing Chaudhary as a ‘terrorist,’ the UAE princess reminded the organiser how the controversial TV anchor had been routinely defaming Islam and its followers.

She wrote, “How dare you invite an Islamophobe to my peaceful country?”

In her subsequent social media post, she tweeted, “In 2019 & 2020, Sudhir Chaudhry ran shows on Zee News where he spewed venom against Muslims for leading anti-citizenship protests. He ran fake stories, targeting Muslim students and women for leading the citizenship protest in Shaheen Bagh, New Delhi & other parts of the country.”

She asked the organiser, the Indian Charter Accountants Association’s Abu Dhabi chapter, why they were ‘bringing an Islamophobe and hater to my peaceful country?’

She wrote, “Sudhir Chaudhary is a Hindu rightwing anchor known for his deeply Islamophobic shows that target India’s 200 million Muslims. Many of his prime time shows have directly contributed to real world violence against Muslims across the country.”

She tagged Institute of Chartered Accountants of India to ask, “Why are you bringing an intolerant terrorist to the UAE?!”

Chaudhary has been at the forefront of Indian TV anchors, often referred to as lapdogs or TV criminals, in fuelling hatred against Muslims in India. He had led a campaign to defame Indian Muslims by blaming them for spreading coronavirus in 2020. Several Indian high courts later concluded that blaming the members of the Tablighi Jamaat for the spread of the virus was part of propaganda.

Chaudhary recently visited Dubai for the coverage of Expo 2020 prompting many to ask the UAE rulers to ban his entry. But, the UAE rulers turned a blind eye to the call for his ban in the Arab kingdom.





  1. Funny how Indian institute is shamelessly inviting this Islamophobe bigot to a Muslim nation. Who accuse the Arab Muslim world of promoting Jihad, financing madrassa, being autocrat, non-secular, and above all, they shamelessly accuse them of not considering South Asian Muslims as true Muslims. But these bigot Hindutva are shamelessly traveling there, roaming there, and consider themselves to be seen as more Muslims than the Muslims of South Asia.

    This Indian Chartered Accountant institute would never invite Dr. Zakir Naik, or Arundhati Roy, or Rana Ayyub, or Dr. Audrey Truschke to so-called largest secular democracy of India. But they deliberately and shamelessly ignore that their invitation to a bigot Hindutva would be overlooked by the Muslim world.

  2. Even if he enters kick him out. The Indian Chartered Accountant Institution are deliberately inviting this terrorist. Ban him.

  3. UAE is already a hub of enemies of Islam. Both RSS and Mossad have their people occupying key positions. Hindus are buying property in UAE with an aim to tilt the balance of power some day. They’ll succeed eventually.

  4. Poor princess she doesn’t know that whole Gulf is now in the hands of Indian Prime Minister Modi who is feeding them with rice, coconut oil & other food items- OIC is also run by BJP RSS terrorist elements & example was so called muslim organiser & Chairman invited hindu lady minister Sushma of BJP to attend & participate in the conference. Rulers of UAE & KSA have good brotherly & business relations with Indian terrorist hindus regardless of “Muslim Ommah” & Indian occupied J&K with 98 majority of Kashmiri muslims who are fighting for their freedom & self determention from Indian 900k occupied army.


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