Navika Kumar left red-faced after guest tells her to leave India on Times Now; Vishal Dadlani has better suggestion


Times Now’s controversial anchor Navika Kumar was recently left red-faced after a TV panelist told her to leave India during a LIVE programme. Reacting to the development, music composer Vishal Dadlani said that the best place for Navika was jail.

Navika was joined by many guests including an ex-naval officer, Lt. Cdr. (Retd) Gokul Chandran. Explaining who Shudras were, Chandran said, “Shudra doesn’t necessarily mean a caste. What did Ambedkar say about Shudras? In his book, he clearly said that Shudras were invaders who came from the Aryans. So Aryans are called Shudras.”

This explanation appeared to irk Navika, who asked, “So, we are the invaders?” Navika asked sarcastically, “With your permission, can we live in this country, sir? Since you are the boss and the owner of the country, can we live in this country anymore?”

Chandran said with a straight face, “No you cannot, you cannot.”

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Navika asked, “Will you allow us. I should go.”

The guest replied, “No (I can’t allow you). Yes, you should go.”

Navika asked, “Where should I go?” The guest replied, “Wherever you like.”

By this time, the controversial anchor had lost her cool as she yelled, “How dare you?

To add insult to injury, Chandran shared the video with a caption as he asked, “What wrong did I say?”

Bollywood music composer Vishal Dadlani took a swipe as he wrote, “Actually the correct answer to @navikakumar asking “Where should I go?” should be “As per the Law, you should go Jail, along with Nupur and Naveen.”

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Navika has been at the centre of a global controversy after she was accused of providing a platform to a BJP leader for insulting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Several Islamic countries reacted with anger forcing the Indian government to issue a clarification. The BJP was forced to suspend Nupur Sharma from the primary membership of the party and expel another spokesperson, Naveen Kumar Jindal, from the party.


Meanwhile, demands have grown for the arrest of Navika, who’s widely being referred to as a hatemonger. Many believe that she was as much guilty of insulting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as the BJP functionary in question.