Mira Rajput reveals why she would not choose any other designer for son Zain Kapoor’s Diwali outfit


Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput on Monday took to Instagram to unveil the Diwali outfit for her new-born son, Zain Kapoor.

Designed by Shahid Kapoor’s designer friend, Kunal Rawal, the outfit consists of a white kurta with a Chinese collar and a Nehru jacket attached to a marooned kurta. She wrote, “Zainu’s Diwali outfit, Kunal Rawal of course.” Her last sentence aptly emphasised that she wouldn’t choose any other designer for her son’s first Diwali outfit.

Mira Rajput had recently caused a sensation of sorts on social media just days after giving birth to Zain. Her fans had wondered how the Bollywood’s newest Mom could manage to achieve her fitness so soon after her pregnancy.

Mira had followed this up with few equally elegant photos on Instagram. In her last black and white photo, Shahid Kapoor’s wife was seen in a black off shoulder number looking ethereal. What appeared to be a gown was essentially a saree, which Mira had stylishly draped around her with an off shoulder blouse.

She had posted a close-up of the same photo in colour.

Meanwhile, many reports said that Shahid Kapoor’s next film, Hindi remake of Arjun Reddy, finally has a title. The film will also have Kiara Advani, Kabir Singh and is expected to release in June next year.

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