Mika arrested by Delhi Police for assaulting doctor


According to reports, the Delhi Police has arrested singer Mika Singh for assaulting a doctor during an event in April this year.

In April, a case of causing hurt and wrongful restraint was registered against Mika Singh with Inderpuri police station. A video footage probably recorded via mobile phone purportedly showed the singer slapping the doctor before handing him over to bouncers on the stage.

Reports also came up that the victim had suffered internal injuries in his left ear due to the impact of the slap. Some enraged doctors at the event went on to register their protest against the assault by tearing Mika’s posters and kicking musical instruments used in the concert.

The singer was invited to perform at a concert organised by the Delhi Ophthalmological Society (DOS) as part of their three-day conference being held at Delhi Pusa Institute Mela Ground in Inderpuri in west Delhi.