Mamta Dalal, identical sister of Shloka Mehta’s mother-in-law Nita Ambani, once taught children of Shah Rukh Khan and cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar


Nita Ambani has often grabbed media headlines because of her involvement in globally reputed sporting bodies and charity work through Reliance Foundation, which is headed by her. The wife of the world’s fourth-richest person Mukesh Ambani, Nita has also become popular among Mumbai’s paparazzi brigade because of her daughter Isha Ambani and daughter-in-law Shloka Mehta. Both of whom are extremely popular with photojournalists, who never miss an opportunity to capture them every time they are out and about. However, not much has been written about the identical-looking sister of Nita Ambani, Mamta Dalal even though she has taught children of some of India’s iconic names such as Shah Rukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar.

Mamta Dalal has been a key functionary of Mumbai’s Dhirubhai Ambani International school, which is run by Mukesh Ambani-run Reliance Industries. Aside from heading the school’s day-to-day administration, Mamta Dalal has also been teaching Upper KG students.

Speaking about her responsibility at the Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mamta Dalal had once quoted by DNA website, “I have taught Shah Rukh’s kids and also Sachin’s kids, but for me, all my students are the same. I have been teaching full time for the past three years now. I not only teach, but also conduct camps, workshops and physical activities for the students.” In the same interview, she ahd said, “I am one of those lucky people who gets to work with the most innocent lot.”

It is reported that she taught Shah Rukh’s daughter Suhana and Sachin’s son Arjun.

Nita Ambani, who is the founder and chairperson of the school, says about this iconic educational institution of Mumbai, “At Dhirubhai Ambani International School, we are always guided by our foundational philosophy of providing children happy learning experiences, while continuously incorporating the distinct features of a school of the future to foster critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication. Children’s holistic development and well-being are always at the heart of everything we do at our school.”

Both Nita Ambani and Mamta Dalal have a striking resemblance to each other. They are daughters of Ravindrabhai Dalal and Purnima Dalal. Mamta Dalal had attended Akash Ambani’s wedding with Shloka Mehta last year.